I’ll be channeling a bit of Gerri this winter . . .


courtesy of amazon.com

I needed new pajamas. I wanted something other than the usual plaid flannel. And I ran across the ones you see pictured above at Amazon . . .

Now, the background color and the pattern are a bit different, but they still reminded me of someone–


Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy, aka the Handsome Stranger and his Vicar, Geraldine (Dawn French). She’s wearing Harry’s favorite PJs after her lovely wedding dress is ruined. Courtesy of RANet

Hopefully my “Harry Kennedy” will like these on his sweetheart as much as the vicar’s did.  And they do look nice and comfy, don’t they?

And I am getting myself something I have always wanted. A bed jacket. Something to put on while I am reading, watching TV or reading in bed and the rest of me is snug beneath the covers.  Right now,  a tie-dyed print sweatshirt hoodie with a broken zipper is serving as a stand-in.

I didn’t want some frilly pastel beribboned number  like the ones worn in the old black and white films I love to watch (as fetching as said jackets look). However, a comfortable jacket with a bit of style to it–something that didn’t scream “geriatric”–was desirable.  And then I found this little number:


courtesy of amazon.com

Do you think the vicar and Harry would approve?

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Yes, I think you’ll look fetching in these, both the approximation of HK’s favourite pajamas and the raspberry bed jacket. I expect that Benny will approve, too, especially if the alternative is a sweatshirt hoodie with a broken zipper! I have two bedjackets, neither of which “scream ‘geriatric”, that I enjoy. They scream instead “woman who reads and uses laptop in bed.”

    • I hope so. :DThe PJs will arrive next Tuesday, it’ll take longer for the bed jacket to get here. No shipping on either and the prices were reasonable with good reviews for both items. Right now I’d love to zip up this hoodie but alas, no can do. It’s getting chilly and I try not to turn up the heater too high. I have a roly-poly tuxedo cat keeping my legs quite cozy at present. She’s quite the heater herself!

      LOL I read the review for another bedjacket and the customer mentioned buying it for her 93-year-old Nana for whom it worked perfectly, including the pockets “for her cigarettes and lighter.” Nana’s still smoking?? In bed? OK . . . if I like this one I might get another later on in a different color. It’s supposed to be “classic red” but it looks more raspberry to me, too.

      • My mother was still trying to smoke two days before she died (of smoking-related cancers), no longer able to sit up and occasionally half-conscious. She wore a bedjacket when she was sitting in her recliner watching TV with a comforter wrapping over her legs and feet. The only thing that would concern me about Nana is that she always have someone responsible with her when she has a cigarette.

        • That’s what would worry me–that the woman would inadvertently start a fire with a lit cigarette. I have seen people who looked as if they were absolutely at death’s door standing outside a hospital in sub-zero weather wearing hospital gowns and tethered to IVs, smoking. It’s a hard habit to quit. And I suppose if Nana made it to 93 still smoking she must have been made of pretty good stuff.

          • Whenever I went to visit my mum at the hospital there were people with IVs in their arms smoking at the entrance of the oncology unit.. It’s a sad sight. But as you say, it shows just how hard it is to quit. And my mum used to say towards the end of her life that smoking was the only pleasure she had left.. Btw, love the PJs and the bedjacket!

            • You know, back in the Great Depression it was said some industries were depression-proof. One was cigarettes. People’s lives were so hard, having a smoke helped them through it. Movie palaces stayed in business because for a few cents, people could escape their problems. And cosmetics still sold because you might not be able to buy a new dress or hat, but you could manage a new lipstick and it lifted your spirits.
              Glad you liked the PJs and bedjacket. Really eager for the PJs to get here Tuesday!

  2. Way to go Angie!! The PJ’s and the bed jacket are adorable! I certainly think Harry and Geraldine would approve and your own personal Harry would love them for sure!! 😉 Haven’t seen bed jackets for years – maybe because I haven’t been looking for one – but you’ve got me thinking. I sit up reading quite a bit once I go to bed and a jacket like that would be so much more convenient!

    • I am glad you like and I think Benny will like them, too–hope so, anyway. It seems bedjackets are available out there, hard to find in stores but definitely in supply online in a variety of styles. I wish I had had something like this for my mom when she was at the assisted living facility. She could have used it while she read or watched TV or even worn it up in the living/dining area if she had needed a little extra warmth.

  3. Oh my goodness I love bed jackets and didn’t think they were made anymore. This one is very pretty. I love the ones from back in the day too. I used to have a pink floral one and a blue floral one that I loved.

    • I have a charming book entitled “Let’s Bring Back” which lists things from days gone by the author would like to see popular again. One of them is bed jackets, especially the old-fashioned ones with satin and lace. You can still find vintage ones for sale online, I have discovered. I like those, too (wouldn’t one be nice to have if you were stuck in the hospital and really wanted something to cheer you up? Slip on your pretty bedjacket and a dash of lipstick!

      I liked the styling on the one I ordered. It had a bit of flair to it, not just a shapeless piece of fleece as a couple I ran across turned out to be.

      • Until now, the only recourse has been to sew or crochet. I’ve used a pattern for those “Mao” jackets and added some shaping. You can line them with quilted flannel and make the outside in a pretty fabric, as long as both are machine washable, and trim them with lace or soutache braid or whatever you like. You can use traditional “frogs”, ribbon ties, buttons, velcro fasteners, or even pretty snaps to close the front.

          • I think that’s true for many, that the one who sews hasn’t the patience to teach well. I used to teach engineers I worked with how to sew their buttons back on, rather than accept the wounded-puppy looks begging me to do it.

            • And she was very exacting in her work. Hems had to hang perfectly, plaids match just right, seams finished off correctly. A lady who went to our church sewed for her two daughters, the eldest S’s age and the youngest a little older than me, and Mama would shake her head at how some of the things looked. She always took her time to make sure it was done right each step of the way—or she’d re-do it.

  4. Very nice! I didn’t know they made those anymore either. I’d love to have one! I’m always sitting in bed reading a lovely book with my top half freezing!

  5. I love the bedjacket! I didn’t know you could still get them, other than the “geriatric” ones. I’ve resorted to wearing an old cardigan, putting it on back to front with just my arms in the sleeves, so that there’s no bulk behind me making me uncomfortable. Thanks for the heads-up Angie, I’ll have to check them out on Amazon. 🙂

    PS Your pyjamas are lovely!

    • Maybe I will start a trend of bedjackets for cool weather Richarding activities. LOL For some reason I am chillier tonight than usual (even though the temperature is no cooler than it has been of late) and so I’ve got my plush long red robe over my hoodie 😉 to keep my upper body warm. Looking forward to that bedjacket later this month. I got a message my PJs have shipped. Should get them Tuesday! 😀

      • I’ve just thought how fun it would be to have a “virtual” slumber party and we’d all be wearing Gerri-like PJ’s and a beautiful bed jacket! LOL! 😀

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