Sweet Romance for Saturday


Because sometimes you just need hearts and flowers. And butterflies. And awesome kisses.  *sigh*


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  1. It’s too bad that Thorin doesn’t have some hairy Dwarf chick to lock lips with in TH! It would’ve been pretty interesting. ;D

  2. Oh, I went to Denny’s last night! His picture was on a little placard on the table, but alas, not on the menu! I got Pumpkin Patch Pancakes from the special Hobbit menu! There were delicious and what’s even better, I got a pack of Hobbit cards! No Thorin, but I got Gandalf, Fili and Kili!

    • I’ve been seeing the commercials and the food looks pretty good. I hope when we get up to Montgomery we can go. I really like pumpkin so the pancakes sound yummy. Well, you got the lovely wizard and the hottie sister-sons, so that is a pretty good consolation prize. 😉

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