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Sunday Smorgasbord: Late Night Snack


But remember, it’s calorie and fat-free.

This is one of my favorite bearded red carpet photos. Those eyes . . .

Sir Guy, my eye is often upon YOU!

Based on a photo in the German version of The Hobbit calendar. It’s so easy to forget he’s a dwarf when you see him in shots like this. He looks so very–regal. And in command.  Of course, dwarves do not think of themselves as vertically challenged, anyway. Good for them!

Do I detect a hint of manly stubble in this (one assumes) recent photo shoot entry?  loving the elfin ears and, as ever, those blue eyes . . . Cropped from an Us Weekly scan on RANet.

Sunday Smorgasbord: Sunshine, Smoulder, Sex Appeal


Oh, the sunshine of that smile. Darling, darling Harry.

Sir Guy. Such haunting beauty.  Those eyes . . . the mouth.


Oh, Danni, you lucky girl, you. That is one gorgeous and sexy hunk of a hero you’ve got there!

Lucas. Brave, haunted, damaged–but still a hero.  Still Lucas. John who?


Porter from that fantastic viral video. One minute of raw intensity. What a performance. And the thoughts we find in our head . . .

Speaking of intense, here’s our favorite dwarf warrior. He has no trouble smouldering, does he??

OT: I love this “Logic”


 I don’t think I am quite out of estrogen yet, but I can empathize with the big kitty’s emotions.

I have always had favorite artists/illustrators. Many of the books I loved the most as a child were those that matched wonderful stories with evocative illustrations that captured my fancy.

A very talented lady named Jane Seabrook, who hails from Auckland, New Zealand, has a series of books I find completely delightful. Filled with whimsical and witty quotes paired with amazing watercolor paintings of animals, Jane’s Furry Logic books make a great gift idea.  There’s the original Furry Logic, and additional titles with themes revolving around love, parenthood, wildlife wisdom, laughter and more. They are the sort of thing perfect as a treat for yourself, too (if you haven’t spent it all on Hobbit merchandise, of course).

Purry Logic is a particular favorite of mine–as you might expect, it features our feline friends.  I ran across the book again the other day and proceeded to read it aloud to my husband, showing him the accompanying illustrations. He had a huge smile on his face.  Seemed he could relate . . .

Seabrook,  an independent designer and illustrator, shares her home with a husband, two children and a menagerie of critters, including three Birmans (a breed of long-haired cat with Siamese-type markings and blue eyes I dream of owning). She obviously has an affinity for the animal kingdom and human nature that shines through in her artwork, along with a great sense of humor. My kind of gal.

Most of Seabrook’s titles are available through Amazon. New copies of these wonderful little books are available for $10 to $12 and used, for much less. Perfect stocking stuffers, guaranteed to bring smiles.

And of course, this post isn’t completely off-topic. Mr. Armitage did spend quite a lot of time in Jane’s beautiful native land making a certain movie we all seem to eagerly anticipate . . .

Sunday Smorgasbord: Early Munchies


Enjoy all this alpha male hotness, my darlings. Even yummier than waffles with lots of syrup and butter, crispy bacon, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a piping hot cup of coffee.