Sunday Smorgasbord: Sunshine, Smoulder, Sex Appeal


Oh, the sunshine of that smile. Darling, darling Harry.

Sir Guy. Such haunting beauty.  Those eyes . . . the mouth.


Oh, Danni, you lucky girl, you. That is one gorgeous and sexy hunk of a hero you’ve got there!

Lucas. Brave, haunted, damaged–but still a hero.  Still Lucas. John who?


Porter from that fantastic viral video. One minute of raw intensity. What a performance. And the thoughts we find in our head . . .

Speaking of intense, here’s our favorite dwarf warrior. He has no trouble smouldering, does he??

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  1. He certainly knows how to smolder! I wonder if Miss Pat taught a class called How to Smolder and other looks that make ladies go crazy 101? He definitely got an “A” !

    • I can just see the scene of him practicing with another student: “No, looks like you’ve got indigestion. Maybe that one, but there’s too much anger in the mix. There! **wibble, thud**”

        • I agree, but it’s one thing to smoulder naturally, another to convince an audience. Even inhabiting a character who would not feel self-conscious doing it, letting all that heat show — well, Richard makes it look easy. His description of imagining someone in the most desirable way you can and then not let yourself have that, well, it’s accurate, but like an Olympic skater saying that he puts on his skates and steps out onto the ice.

      • I would have loved to have been the fellow student on whom he practiced his smouldering technique. I fear I would have lied and told him he needed to practice some more–on me, of course.

  2. What a feast you’re giving us today!! Another post full of amazing pictures, wow! I love the ones with Porter (you know my feelings for the sargeant 😀 ), but I must say that the one of Gisborne… WOW! It has left me completely speechless and with a lot of thoughts in my head… 😉

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