Miscellaneous Monday: Make a GIF!


I like that we get a nice glimpse of Mr. A in action–love those rear views, you know!–during Dwarf Camp.

Benny and I had a very lazy Sunday, the sort where you never get out of your pajamas and never feel as if you are quite “all awake.” He asked me if I planned to watch “the other zombies tonight (The Walking Dead) or just record it and continue to BE a zombie.” (I stayed alert enough to watch it and whip up another post whilst doing so.)

We  also got some laundry done and Benny put together some ham and cheese bake for supper, but that was about as industrious as the two of us got.  I swear I will load that dishwasher tomorrow.

Anyway, I have been piddling about with another photo editing site, one some of you Facebook users may know, Photomania, and combined the  results with make.a.gif.com for this. I saved it at slow speed, the better to savour all that Gizzy goodness:

I enjoyed it. Hope you do, too! And I never get tired of the mischievous side of our noble dwarf. Hurray for fish tossing!

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  1. Interesting. The gifs only play when I click on them. Is there meant to be sound?

    As for “other zombies”, I don’t think you qualify unless you were having raw brains with your ham and cheese bake.

    • No sounf. I was having the worst time trying to even get that post done. The computer was doing the craziest things and I don’t think it was all WordPress, either. I restarted it after saving the draft as it was going bananas on me. So at least they do work when you click on them?? I may try to reload them later.

      I do not care for meat tartare and I never eat organ meat, so I guess I am safe. But we weren’t exactly a couple of balls of fire. 😉

      • There is that great old Cleo Laine song, “Let’s stay in bed, it’s Sunday…” It’s good to have Sundays like that sometimes.

        • Yeah, I think it is. Of course, now I haven’t been able to sleep, I heard Benny snoring away earlier, so I am hoping he is resting OK. After all, he’s got to go back to the land of Les Miserables in a few hours.

    • All the GIFs do work when you click on them, however? On my end, it gets hung up on the dwarf fish tossing and keeps cycling back through to the other GIFs but they won’t open. However, I can open the Dwarf Camp and Guy GIFs individually. *sigh*

      • They each open individually in a new window, from which I need to click the back button to return to TAE. There’s no sound. Still, it’s an adventure, right?

          • OK, you’ll still have to click on the GIF to animate it and still click back to TAE, but at least all of them now seem to be working on my end. Threw in roaring wet Thorin.

            • YAY! Working now… always thought those shots of Guy were highly suggestive and so appealing.
              And another cheer for roaring Thorin!

              • If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. 😉 I thought the same thing about the Guy scene. It’s certainly fun to relive. I just LOVE it when Richard’s characters roar. Guy, Porter, Thorin, Thornton, it’s all good. I was just reading that quote from Richard in the Time supplement for the weekend where he said he did a lot of vocal work for that “deep, sonorous voice” and Thorin’s battle cry. And it’s all going to pay off beautifully!!

              • It’s just a bit deeper and more sonorous as Thorin; of course, Guy’s voice was also deeper than Richard’s natural voice. He sounds delicious any old way he goes.

  2. I love Sundays like that. And I miss them too, it’s impossible to have one when you have a four year old boy wanting to play and being up to all kinds of mischief… 😀
    Lovely GIF of Sir Guy, looking mightly attractive as always. The picture of him you posted yesterday left me with a craving, so I really enjoyed a good helping of Robin Hood last night 🙂

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