Ogling Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


OK, when I opened this Dictionary.com email for the day, I had a sort of Beavis and Butthead moment. A stupid grin on my face. Giggling under my breath. Snorting a bit. Was this a word I would be using at TAE?

You betcha!

Ogle: (verb) to look at amorously, flirtatiously or impertinently. To eye, look at or stare at.

Ogle traces its origins to Lower German oeglen, “to look at,” but ultimately comes from a now extinct word for “eye,” oog.

Do I ogle Richard Armitage? Is the Pope Catholic? Does the sun still rise in the east and set in the west? Do I have a strange-but-lovable three-legged black and white tuxedo cat with a Hitler mustache?

A resounding “yes” to all of the above!  I mean, how can I, a sane, red-blooded heterosexual female with extremely good taste in men not do a bit (OK, a LOT) of ogling of such a magnificent specimen as this??

Both dressed . . .

And undressed!

And the rear view is awfully nice . . . *sigh* (click on photo if Sir Guy is not moving, ladies and gents)

Those amazingly long, lean, muscular dancer’s thighs!

Need I say more?

Look at me, I’ve got a case of body language . . . of body language . . . from ogling the fabulous Richard Armitage and his cast of ChaRActers. How about you? 😉

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  1. Good definition. I ogle him. A LOT. And with just cause, methinks. (Yes, the shot in the gif of Sir Guy belongs in the rear-view project. He does indeed have back, beautifully clad in black leather. Makes you want to … Well, I’d sneak back to the naighty corner, but I never left.)

            • They would have to in order not to get fired! Maybe that is part of the orientation for new employees…how to effectively ogle without getting caught. I tend to think that women are better at this than men are – given the number of times in my life I’ve busted this or that man in the act of ogling 🙂

              • oops…that comment was supposed to go above!

                Unless that is a pair of socks in those leather pants in the first pic, I think your suspicions are correct 😉

              • Judging by how he looks in some of his other attire, including those Speedos of Lee’s, I think Baby’s likely got serious–ermmm–front, too.

              • In some cases, it’s flattering, but in others, it’s just downright creepy. There is a guy my age (40ish) at church who is so obvious-just stares at women’s bust, butts-at church! I may just have to call him out the next time I catch him-would serve him right to be totally embarassed.

              • I think it can depend on who is doing it and how much–I don’t know– finesse they have. I remember eons ago Benny and I were up in the observatory lounge of our cruise ship having a drink. Some guy was checking me out and it seemed pretty obvious–and his girlfriend? wife? was right there across from him. It made me uncomfortable and I felt sorry for the other woman. I know Benny has a healthy appreciation for attractive females, but he’s subtle about it, bless him. LOL

              • There’s the pleasant glance of appreciation and then there’s the gross leer. The latter needs to be called out and corrected.

              • And there is a big difference. I remember a guy who was a customer at our jewelry counter who made me feel like he was the big bad wolf and I was little Red about to be devoured. He creeped me out. Another gentleman thanked me for my help and took my hand and kissed it. It was done in such a courtly manner, I was quite flattered.

              • That seems to be the general assumption in all of the fan fiction that I’ve read 🙂 I just laugh about people who get all put out about this type of speculation. “I’m so upset all the women think I’m well endowed.” Said NO MAN EVER! 🙂

              • Yep, my experience, too, in what I have read. 😉 It is difficult not to be–curious.

                I could understand other men getting downright depressed looking at someone like Richard–tall, handsome, fit, seemingly well above average in the nether regions, sexy, charismatic, intelligent and talented and a darned nice guy on top of it all. How can one man have so much going for him??

              • I think it’s something about western culture, that men feel okay about ogling as a matter of entitlement, but women are not “supposed to” express any interest of that kind. If the inner “rowrr” is allowed to show, one can be labeled a scarlet woman.

            • I have no issue with the quick once over, but you are absolutely correct about the “leer” The man in question needs a full scale intervention I think-did I mention his wife is insanely possessive? I begin to understand why *shudder*

              • Oh he’s just an all around tool-a bit younger, fairly attractive (personality of a dishrag if you ask me) etc. He’s definitely given her reason-but she just keeps maintaining the facade that he’s a prince. To each her own I guess.

              • I would be so tempted to hand him a twenty, in front of his wife, and tell him to go to the local strip joint where women get paid to endure fools like him.

  2. If I had a dollar for every minute spent ogling Richard, then… I’d be flying to the New Zealand premiere of The Hobbit. LOL!!! And I’ve only been doing it since January! Ha!!!

  3. Add me to the list of “oglers”! 😉 *blushes profusely*. But come on everyone – how can you possibly resist when you behold such beauty as has been revealed in the above pics, the video and elsewhere. It is the kind of beauty that isn’t just skin deep either. If it was, I think many of us would have lost interest quite quickly. But I think it is the knowledge that this man is a consummate actor, has brains, is a gentleman, kind, generous and so on, on top of the swoon-worthy looks which makes him truly worthy of our adoration. I have to admit that I really have a hard time taking my eyes off him and dare not think what would happen if I saw him in real life!

    • You’ve put it perfectly, Teuchter! It had to take someone pretty special to knock out my previous long-term crush and Richard is certainly that!

  4. Wow, you girls have been having an awfully good time with this post! Ogling is the perfect word to describe all of our “Richarding”! Just think of all of the ogling that will be going on in a few weeks. I’m going to have to take a mitten to stuff in my mouth! But, honestly, can you think of anyone more deserving of our ogling??

    • Not a single one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about all the !’s. 😉 My finger was somehow compelled to stay on that key for some strange reason. 😀 And yes Laurie C – I think we are all having a ball with this. 🙂

      • 😀 Yes, there’s a reason it’s taken me until my 40’s to have a celebrity crush, er, obsession! Richard is a one of a kind!

        • I was in my 40s when I succumbed, too. I had various actors I’d been fans of, but NOTHING on the level of my deep, abiding affection, adoration and massive ogling of Richard.

      • I honestly try to restrain myself from too many exclamation points from the standpoint of my journalist experience–but the fact is, Mr. A is a man the exclamation point could have been created for. 😉

    • Yes, we certainly have! 😉 I couldn’t fail to use this entry for our Richard. I am certain ogling will hit an all-time high. And no, I can think of no one more deserving than RA.

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