Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

I love this picture.


Richard Armitage signing autographs at Comic-Con in San Diego in July. Courtesy of RANet and Cambear.


If you visit the SDCC gallery at RANet you’ll be able to click on a very larger version of this photo. Be sure and feast your eyes upon it. It is just the sort of candid photo of Richard Armitage so many of us love.

The real Richard, unposed and unretouched,  his crinkles and the grey hairs in his beard readily visible, the scar on his forehead not air-brushed away; looking a little tired, perhaps, but nonetheless in good spirits.  There’s that look of bonhomie on his face, his smile reflected in his eyes, one elfin ear on display.


A nice guy, surely. And such a beautiful man.

Thank you, Cambear, for sharing this with RANet and thus with all of us.

Lucas for Tuesday: Fanart & Vids


I have to confess I’m tired and not feeling terribly creative tonight. After Zombie Land Day yesterday, I didn’t sleep until I managed to catch a few hours this afternoon. So I am going to post some Lucas images and an old vid or two which I hope you will enjoy. Have a happy Tuesday, my friends.