He drives me crazy, like no one else . . .


And I seem to thoroughly enjoy the madness.

“Fantasy” featuring “Photograph” by Def Leppard and lots of RA goodness!


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  1. All these years ago when Richard Armitage first came to my attention in North & South, I would never have thought that I would still be fascinated by him to this day and instead of my feelings “cooling off” as it were, I find that they have only intensified. I still ask myself why! What is it about this man that just pulls me in day after day, year after year? I have never met him and likely never will and he doesn’t know me from Adam but for some reason that makes not a whit of difference. He is unique – a very special kind of human being – and I know I am in good company in the way I feel about him. I’m just content knowing he is somewhere in the world. If that makes me sound crazy, so be it! I will always be thankful that I “met” him as he makes my day – EVERY day, bless him! 🙂

    • It’s been five and a half years since I first discovered RA as Sir Guy, and I would have never, ever imagined I would have become and STAYED so devoted to him–I mean, to the point of all the writing, vidding, fanart and the blogging. But it’s been a wonderful ride and I do believe my life has been enhanced and enriched so much through being involved in the fandom.

  2. It is not even a year yet for me since I was introduced to RA via North and South. I figured that at some point my excitement about him would cool, but now after reading what Teuchter and Fedoralady wrote I now know what I am in for…LOL I put out to the Universe that one day I will met Richard Crispin Armitage and so I fully expect it to happen. I don’t know how, when or where, but I will come face to face with RA one day. I will be able to thank him for all the pleasure he has brought to me through his work.

    I love the top picture. Look at those thick muscled upper arms…..(sigh) The third photo down from the fanvid is also one of my favorite photos of RA. For some reason RA looks very Italian in it. I love all of the photos from that particular photo shoot that he did.

    • Well, some people do seem to lose interest along the way, but for the most part, we do seem to stick strongly with Mr. A 😀 I hope your dream does come true.
      I love the little smile in the first pic–makes you wonder what he is thinking about–the chin in his hand and yes, those sculpted upper arms. I think he looks so masculine and alluring in that other photo. I really like that photo shoot as well.

  3. He drives me crazy and after this pictures he’s on the border of driving me utterly and completely insane!! Gosh, I love him so much!! Great choice of pictures, as always, he looks impossibly hadsome in all of them ❤

  4. I can’t believe that after all this time I’am still so in love with this man. Sometimes I think I’am going insane but then I’m in good company in this fandom. New or old pictures they still have the same effect on me and these pictures are just beautiful. Richard you always brighten my day Thank You and Thank You Angie for doing the same.

    • I know, I just shake my head over it all some days. And yet I know I am far from alone. I mean, over 1,000 hits a day are happening for some reason. 😉 I am happy to be able to share this lovely man’s image with you all. 😀

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