Lucas for Tuesday: Fanart & Vids


I have to confess I’m tired and not feeling terribly creative tonight. After Zombie Land Day yesterday, I didn’t sleep until I managed to catch a few hours this afternoon. So I am going to post some Lucas images and an old vid or two which I hope you will enjoy. Have a happy Tuesday, my friends.

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  1. If we ever forget how beautiful Lucas is, you’re here to remind us. Pictures snaffled for later dosage of wonder drug.

    There are days when creativity goes on vacation. Try to relax and rest, knowing it will return.

    • Yeah, sometimes it takes a holiday on us. I’ve got lots on my mind, too, I suppose, what with the holidays approaching (and that whole Hobbit thing). LOL

      Having trouble getting to sleep so I have been listening to samples of Christmas mp3s at Amazon. 😉 May have to pop some aspirin here shortly.

      Lucas is—just gorgeous. In all his incarnations. I love working with his images.

      • Yeah, aspirin and a cup of hot chocolate maybe. The chemistry of milk + chocolate + warmth is sleepy-making. In Spanish, to be sleepy is “tener suenos”, to have dreams. May yours be exquisitely beautiful and happy.

        Meanwhile, I believe that Lucky is now a full kilo of kitten. When something like that jumps on your feet, you know it. At the moment he is playing very energetically with a scrundled-up piece of paper, pouncing on it, rolling over with it in his mouth, tossing it in the air, and pouncing again. Lucky is getting quite strong. He has been stealing my slippers, dragging them to the other side of the room and “hiding” them under a chair.

        • Lucky is doing beautifully, it seems. Sounds as if he is having great fun at his new home. Thumper, who used to suddenly jump/roll off the bed in a rather inelegant manner when she wanted to exit, has taken to putting her front paws on the railing at the end of the four poster and looking entreatingly at the door. Mama then obliges by giving her an express trip to the floor so she can skedaddle to do her business, get a bite to eat, etc. Benny says she has me trained well. He calls her “Little Angie.”

          • *giggles* “Little Angie”, huh? It is said that dogs have owners, cats have staff. True enough, I think, but the training goes both ways. I enjoy having a feline partner, and Lucky is fortunately one of those cats who is human-oriented, so I have been accepted as a surrogate mum rather than simply a food source. He looks at my eyes, not my feet.

            • I think they see me as their mother. I think of myself as Mama Cat. Thumper will look up at me with those imploring big eyes in such a way I have a hard time saying “no” which is why Benny calls her “Little Angie.” “Dye her blonde and get her blue contact lenses and you two would be practically indistinguishable,” he says. 😉 She was so–distant for so long, sort of in her own little world, that my heart rejoices to see her behaving in a more loving and sociable manner. I always loved her and tried to connect with her but it was rough going for a long time. She really is like a different cat in many ways, good ways. A feline partner can bring a lot of laughter, fun, companionship and solace, I find.

              • I had a sweet dream last night: I found a gorgeous calico kitten (I think on the street) and there were other people around me but she picked me,climbed into my arms. She was so beautiful, I fell in love with her and took her home! And in the dream I wasn’t allergic to cat fur. *sigh* So..Can anyone interpret dreams? 🙂

              • What a lovely dream! I think you are finding yourself wishing for a kitten after hearing all those lovely Lucky stories. Could you take shots or something to keep your allergies at bay, I wonder?

  2. There’s a sadness and loneliness in the two last images that is heartbreaking. Makes me wonder whether he would have killed himself one day even if he was truly Lucas North and not that JB. Another broken relationship, another death of a colleague…But then again rather not, as the son of a Christian minister.

    • I think that’s why so many fanfic writers have him pursuing some sort of creative outlet–painting, in my case, writing, dancing–as a way of healing and perhaps casting out some of those devils haunting him. There always seemed to be a poetic heart within that man. He’d been through so much, lost so much. We know he was on the brink of suicide back in the prison, but I like to believe that he would not have become that broken and desperate again to the point of taking his own life. Something else I would love to discuss with Mr. Armitage.

        • That’s another excellent option that I can see for him (teaching requires creativity, after all, and we saw his ability to connect with young Dean). I think anyway you look at it, he needs to get away from the Grid. For his own sanity.

          • Agreed. It is a profession like some others that skews one’s view of the world and oneself — not healthy in the long term, and especially for someone like Lucas who has had to endure so much. He needs to accept on a deep level that he and other humans are worthwhile and capable of love and creativity. That does not happen when one works in “intelligence” at his level.

            • I think there is also a sensitivity there that makes it hard to continue to put up that wall required to do his job well–no matter how clever and resourceful he is, and how ruthless he is capable of being when necessary, it still wears away, eats away, at the fabric of that sensitive soul. In a sense, he would remain in prison if he stays in the service.

              • That sensitivity, and the fact that intelligence work is incredibly insular and isolating, would be a prison for mind, heart, and soul, as well as the limitations on his physical behaviour. Lucas would need to escape, and if he saw no way out of the service, he might take more risks, make more mistakes — leading to a sort of passive suicide. I think we agree that he is as much a prisoner of MI-5 as he was of the Russians.

  3. What a wonderful rendition of “Nobody does it better”- love it! OT: Angie, do you still have that Porter video set to the Enya song? I think it was called “Katie’s Hero”? I hope it didn’t get lost or deleted by Vimeo? That vid is a particular favourite of mine. 🙂

    • Thanks! I think I still have that version of the Porter vid in a folder somewhere here on the computer, you know it’s on YT but with a different “approved” song (which I do not like as much). I should try uploading it and seeing what happens. If I can ever get this other darned vid posted! LOL

  4. What great pictures! I saw Richard for the first time in VoD and I thought he was so cute and shy, definitely he caught my attention. But Lucas was the one that made me fall for him, BIG TIME 🙂

  5. OMG! How come I haven’t seen these videos before??? I love them both, but that second one has given me the chills, so intense! I LOVE IT!!

    • I felt that Duran Duran song had a really haunting, melancholy quality that worked so well for that character. I am glad you appreciated it, thanks so much for the kind words.

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