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I’ve got my jammies . . . bedjacket (and Thorin!) on the way


And they are soooo cute. Nice and soft. I got an email yesterday that the bedjacket shipped and it appears to be in Montgomery, which means it should arrive today, tomorrow at the latest! Much sooner than I expected.

Not only that, I heard from the Geekest Link and it’s supposed to be shipping my adorable plush Thorin very soon—squeeeee!



Now, I have a video I made last night which is really cool–well, I think so, anyway–but I am having a heck of a time getting it loaded.

I don’t save my fanvids at the highest resolution available, simply because (A) it takes up even more space and things are getting crowded around here on Ye Olde Battered Laptop and (B) most of you are viewing the vids on computers, tablets, phones, etc. and not your TV, so the res doesn’t need to be as high.

But the files still tend to be fairly large. And my connection is on the slow side . . . alas.  I tried for four hours overnight and it got hung up half way through.  So I am trying, trying again . . . we shall see.  I must remind myself, at least it’s not dial-up, at least it’s not dial-up . . .


Yeah, honey, I know just how you feel. Computers are great but they can also be downright stinky sometimes.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday, my dears. Giblets have certainly sparked a lively discussion here at the blog, haven’t they?

And now, how about a shot of an RA character enjoying a repast. Wouldn’t you know it would be Sir Guy?? 😉




I’ll just say no to the giblets: TAE Word for the Day


Giblets: (noun) the heart, liver, gizzard, and the like, of a fowl, often cooked separately.

Giblet gravy with turkey or chicken giblets and chopped hard-boiled eggs is quite popular here in the south as an accompaniment to turkey and cornbread dressing each Thanksgiving. But it will not be on the table chez Fedoralady.

Giblet gravy. Courtesy of simplyrecipes.com

Fedoralady does not do giblet gravy or indeed, giblet anything.  Growing up on a poultry farm, she ate a great deal of chicken. Baked, barbecued, fried, chicken salad, chicken and dumplings, chicken and rice, chicken casseroles.You get the drift.  But when her mama prepared fried chicken livers and gizzards, she beat a hasty retreat. Couldn’t stand the smell, much less the taste. Hubby feels the same way.   We like gravy–white milk gravy, brown gravy. Just no giblets, please.

Fedoralady  hopes if Mr. Armitage ever has occasion to dine at her home for Thanksgiving (she realizes this is highly, highly unlikely but it’s fun to imagine) that he is not an aficionado of said fowl parts.

Now, cranberry sauce? That’s another thing. Love it. Hubby will fight you for the last dinner roll and serving of cranberry sauce.  In fact, he’d much rather have the cranberry sauce and rolls than the turkey and dressing! Better buy extra.  (I’m afraid we tend to go with Ocean Spray’s canned sauce every year instead of the homemade route. It’s what we both grew up eating.)

Now you’re talking. Cranberry sauce, courtesy of simplyrecipes.com.

I just know that I would love to have the chance to (covertly) watch Mr. Armitage eat. I find myself writing scenes where his character is dining because it’s such a pleasure watching him enjoy his food and drink.  So, hey, let’s look at some photos of Richard/his characters eating! See, I can even work him into a giblets post. 😉

Richard and crew members for Spooks chowing down on sandwiches in a behind-the-scenes screencap courtesy of RANet.

John Mulligan snacking at Ellie’s house. Screencaps  courtesy of RANet.

Poor Sweetie John is a bit discomfited as he tries to finish off his breakfast sausage in Sparkhouse.

Fork porn. I love it. That is all.