A Bountiful Harvest of RA


‘Tis the season to enjoy such a bounty and count our blessings.  Hope your day, be it holiday or work day, is going well.  And if not–maybe these will make it a little better.

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  1. How can we NOT have a better day after gazing at all these wonderful chaRActers, my dear. I love the beautiful tones you have used for such bounty! Thank you for each one of them. “sigh”

  2. Great pictures, Angie. You must have such fun making them. And I, just before I tune into you, always have a wonderful anticipatory moment, asking myself what new you will have given us to stir the pot. You never disappoint. I feel so fortunate to have found you and your blog, this very interesting community, and of course, the sublime RA.

    • Either I am having fun or I am a real glutton for punishment. 😉 Fortunately, it is the former. Thanks for the kind words! I have never been involved in any other fandom, so I don’t really know what it’s like elsewhere. But I do know there are a lot of bright, witty, interesting, good-hearted, generous and creative folks (blessed with the Good Taste Gene!) who make up this community. I think the fanship as a whole (excepting a very, very few bad apples) reflects well on the man who inspires it.

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