Guyday Friday: ‘Tis the season to be stunning


It’s the official kickoff of Christmas shopping in these parts today, and my official kickoff to sharing more holiday fun with our Richard and his ChaRActers. To help get you in a festive mood, here’s some Guy to make your season merry and bright . . . 😉

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  1. AND HOW do I like!!! Stripped-down Santa is really challenging my vocabulary. Gotta look back in the Word-for-the Day files. Gobsmacked? This one is worthy of Dave Barry–stomach cracking hilarious and MORE: spicy, sexy, naughty, tempting, exhiliarating!

    I just bought a book at a medical symposium on why and how people get addicted to things, the most common culprits being alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, gambling, sex, even generosity. I’ve never been addicted to anything before, but here I find myself caught in a web spun and flung by RA and his mind-blowing promoter. My new book may help me understand the biochemistry of it all, but I’m not looking to get free! Too much fun! I’ve been properly straitlaced all my life. I now have a senior dispensation to think and feel as outrageously as pleases me! RA, stripped down or otherwise, does indeed please. How will I manage Thorin on a huge screen?

    • Santa Guy is pretty darned fetching, I must agree. 😉 Most of us don’t really seem to be very interested in getting free of this particular addiction, do we? I was always the good girl for years but that saucy wench was always there under the surface, as Benny could tell you. Now she is definitely OUT.

      I am still waiting to see just how it affects me when I see Richard on that big theatre screen AND in 3D. I hope against hope my IBS doesn’t go haywire on me, forcing me to race for the nearest restroom. :S

      • Oh, Santa Guy is more than welcome — chimney, front door, patio door, balcony doors, take your pick! I’ll be waiting up for you, honey…

        I kept the saucy wench under wraps, too, out of professional necessity, but Guy brings her out full force.

        Re. the IBS, does gingerale and a prophylactic dose of loperamide help?

    • I wish MORE people would be addicted to generosity, LOL! The world would be a better place! Re the RA addiction, my therapist actually thinks it’s done me a world of good!She thinks it’s helped me coming out of my shell and she loves the fact that I’ve made new friends through it! 😉

      • See, that just goes to show you there can be very positive aspects of having the Good Taste Gene and discovering someone like RA to crush on! 😀 And you are right about the generosity thing, too.

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