I am happy. Let me tell you the reasons why.


(1) Today is Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year here in the good old USA. Some people are currently rushing Wal-Mart and other retailers to grab their gift bargains.

I, however, am still here in my black rose pajamas, all comfy and cozy, and quite chuffed that I have ordered something for my husband which he really wants, wouldn’t buy for himself and I saved 65 percent off the regular retail price, no sales tax and very cheap shipping. I do love bagging a bargain in my jammies.

(2) I have two new videos made which I think you are really going to enjoy. Very uptempo, with brand-new special effects, and fun!! Like a party in a video. Now, still having issues with uploading, so there will be a delay–but it’s something for you to look forward to. 😀

3) It’s Guyday Friday. Always a reason to be happy.

(4)  This.

Here’s the enlarged photo from the AccionCine movie magazine, thanks to RAFrenzy. Squee!!




Oh, my. This made me very, very happy. The v-necked white T reminded me of Porter. Those biceps. The hair on the forearms. Those eyes. Is that manly stubble I spy? Guh . . . .   how’s your day going?

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  1. This was such a lovely image to wake up and find! I’m not out doing the Black Friday thing either. I just can’t bring myself to deal with the crowds, now matter how great the savings.

    • Isn’t he just GORGEOUS? That man is aging sublimely.

      Re shopping, I am just a tad claustrophobic, and it makes me nervous to deal with those crowds if I have the option not to. There’s nothing I want that bad. I found Benny a 9-inch Android tablet and got a smaller, cheaper one for myself. It worked with my current budget. If I only knew what to get my great-nieces, I would knock it all out today online, but their mom is in the midst of a messy divorce and working out of town part of the time to make extra money (she’s an RN), so she hasn’t gotten back to me with ideas. I hate giving them something they already have or do not want. We adults are not doing the name drawing thing this year.

        • Let’s see . . . three, seven and my step-niece is–16, I believe. Gosh, time flies. I got the oldest art supplies as requested last year, and toys and a book you can use in the bath for the little one and two collections of fairy tales for the middle child.

          • That is a tough range 🙂 The little ones are pretty easy, but the older they get..my seven year old told me not 30 minutes ago that she wants an American Girl doll and a WiiU..um probably not 🙂 now I begin the process of convincing her she wants other things.

            Books are always great gifts…have you seen the Fancy Nancy books? Very cute

            • Very tricky. With the kid’s mom, aunt and uncle, once they got well into their teens I found myself resorting to gift cards many times. I have given her several of the Fancy Nancy books and she really likes them. But I wouldn’t want to give her one she’s already got as I did a couple of years ago.

  2. Whoa,a new pic!! What a treat! Please don’t kill me girls but I do not like the way his hair is styled on that picture at all!! It’s worse than his Percy ‘do. Just my humble opinion..he looks divine otherwise..

    • It’s not my favorite hair look, but I still think it edges out Percy. 😉 I prefer Richard’s hair with more of a side part, I think. However, I am willing to overlook the hair for all the other yumminess here . . . *sigh*

        • I think I am going to have to get used to it. It’s just a new look for me, you might say. 😉 Agyzm thinks he’s channeling his inner James Dean. LOL He’s looks very, very masculine here. Strong. Confident. There’s a hint of something in his eyes . . . I feel somehow that this shot is less–posed–than some. In the sense that he’s not portraying a character as much as he is in some photo shoots (the bearded magazine photos).

        • I “luuuurve” the hair too! It looks healthy and very soft and silky! *trying to keep my hands to myself* I think there is a side part but in this pic it isn’t that visible. The picture of a whole is awesome. I kept saying over and over, “He’s SO beautiful, he’s SO beautiful”. *sigh*

          • I think having that extended break from the hair color probably benefited his locks. They do look very healthy. I love the background–it reminds me of one of my favorite Photoshop Elements backgrounds–a brick wall painted blue and white.

            • I, too, think his hair benefitted from the break. His skin is looking great, too, I still have this overwhelming urge to pet his forearms. *guuh* I know, I’m late to the party. I only got back from town, put the groceries away, and fed Lucky his supper, then logged on to see this on RANet via fb. Must find copy (copies?) of magazine…

              • OMG. Now Ali has where you can click on and see a friggin’ life-sized version of the photo!! I can see all the silver hairs glinting in the manly stubble, count the hairs peeking out at the v of the neck–and the forearm hairs! They are screaming at me!! Must take my advice to Noemi and slowly exhale . . .

              • I like it…it looks just a tad longer than the new pic that was posted earlier this week. It is lovely to see him in what I assume is his natural coloring. Me likee too!

              • I was thinking the same thing–a little extra length there. I love that the grey is clearly showing. I think it suits him so well. What a handsome man!!

      • I don’t like this hairstyle at all, I’m sorry to say. In the front, it goes pretty high up, and on the sides it’s either cut too short, or slicked back. The end result is that the head seems too elongates. It seems a variation of Porter’s style, but not a good one…

        • Thank you rbb, I thought I was the only one thinking that this hairstyle does NOT suit the shape of his gorgeous face at all! The Porter hairstyle worked fine, but this one.. Not for me anyway. Sorry!!

          • Maybe it was just in that awkward between-haircuts stage. 😉 Of course, we don’t know exactly when the photo was taken, so it may look different (i.e., longer on sides) at the premieres. Still wondering if he’ll be clean-shaven or rocking a little stubble . . .

  3. What a great new picture! I keep repeating to myself: “He is SOOOO beautiful!!” I do love everything in it. Perfect man, perfect picture.

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