He’s downright balsamaceous, that boy: TAE Word for the Day


(And I’d like to hear him say that word, too.)

Balsamaceous: (adjective): Possessing healing or restorative properties.

The word derives from the Latin balsamum, “resin of the balm tree.” The substance is historically celebrated for its aroma and healing properties.

Dr. Track is a healer by profession, and with his steadfast dedication and delightful bedside manner, he certainly makes us feel better.

And whilst John Porter is a tough soldier by trade with kickass skills, his gentleness and compassion helped Katie through the trauma of her captivity even as he worked to free her. This balsamaceous hero is tops in our books.

Our Victorian hero, Mr. Thornton, restores our belief in foolish passion and sweet romance. Surely he’s been a balm to many a troubled spirit.

Dear Harry Kennedy. His sweet, sunny, nurturing nature–perhaps a reflection of his CReAtor’s own lovely character?–cannot fail to bring a smile to our faces and a warm tug on our hearts.

Just a few examples of Mr. A’s balsamaceous characters. But of course, the most balsamaceous of them all is the man himself.

Lovely, funny, brilliant, modest, insightful, endearing, charismatic . . . how you touch our hearts, minds and souls, Richard Armitage.

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  1. Richard truly is balsamaceous, he’s been such a tremendous help for ne to heal and restore my broken heart… (long story). He always manages to put a smile on my face and I’ll always be so thankful to him for that. And thank you very much Angie for another lovely post, I specially adore the last picture, you keep showing me pictures I’ve never seen, it’s so great!! 😀

    • He’s quite extraordinary in the effect he has on us. 😀 The last photo is actually from a group of water-marked photos that haven’t been widely published. I went in and removed the watermark and tinkered in Photoshop. I just think it’s delightful. 😀

      • It’s absolutely gorgeous what you’ve done with it! I love his cheeky expression, how can someone appear as fierce as Porter, as kind-hearted and compassionate as sweetie John and as cheeky and naughty as Richard himself…! And make us all love all of them!! 😀

        • The playful, cheeky side of him definitely shines through in this shot. 😉 It’s capturing all those different facets in his characters in such a believable way that makes him so compelling to watch as an actor–he captures our attention and makes us care. And yes, keep falling in love with each character. *sigh*

    • Same here, Noemí. He helped me through an incredibly tough time as well (another long story!).. He does have healing qualities, this guy. He’s so very special.

      • I often think of those nights when my mother was in what turned out to be her last days, when I would go back alone to my late in-laws’ house, tired from the long hours in the ICU, trying to be hopeful but finding that hope diminishing, weary of heart. And I would pop one of those RH audio books into my computer and listen to it and look at some of my photos of Mr. A. It made it better. Made things more bearable.

        • Ohh poor you.. must have been so tough. 😦 But you’re right, RA does make RL more bearable! As Guy says to Marian “stay and make this place bearable”, well, I hope RA will “stay around” for a long, long time and keep making things RL more bearable for us all!

      • He’s incredibly good at healing us, Judit, even without knowing he’s doing it. He’s made me see the light at the end of the tunnel, I cannot thank you enough, my lovely Richard ❤

  2. Balsamaceous? Too right!! It’s the perfect word for him! He has done wonders for my life and I will be forever grateful for that. Makes me want to stand up and sing, (it’s okay you won’t hear me where you are!!) “You light up my life.” 🙂 I love how serious he can be and yet from time to time we get to see that fun side of him just pop out! 😀

  3. Need those balsamaceous qualities right now (just lost another friend to cancer) — and Richard and his chaRActers are so generous with them. Thanks for this post.

      • No, this was my friend David, ceramicist, scholar, and gentleman farmer. The lady with the tumors is the one who did the photoshoot. She is very optimistic, but there is more pain and she’s losing functions — hearing and sight on one side, and recognition. I hope she is here long enough to wear the dress I’ll make for her for a party in spring.

        Thanks for the hugs. You and Richard help more than you know.

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