I love you, PJ. (Video Blog 9 now at FB)



My favorite cuddly-looking, cardigan-wearing movie director has posted another video blog at his Facebook page. This entry deals with post-production of The Hobbit and proves not only very informative, but highly entertaining. Love the Beard Hair Unit. Pity the poor guy who gets to look at code on a computer screen all day.

And the glimpses of Thorin are quick but plentiful, with screencaps promised by Ali at www.richardarmitagenet.com  later today.

My favorite moment? A glimpse of Richard with his headphones on, dubbing in some of Thorin’s dialogue. “Elves!” Richard says, with a growl of distinct disdain.  Love it.

Once again I love how we get to see more of the village of talents it takes to make a complex film like The Hobbit. Dedicated talents who put in a lot of long hours to make the movie magic happen for us on screen.  But it definitely looks like it isn’t all work and no play under PJ. I love the sense of humor and the feeling of community that seems to pervade in Jackson’s domain.

Thank you, Peter Jackson, for taking us along and giving us so many fascinating and fun glimpses behind the scenes on this incredible journey. And now you are promising another vlog from the premieres! Cool.

I love you, PJ.

The recreation of the entrance to Bilbo’s home at Bag End and a giant Gandalf figure in place for the film’s Wellington premiere. It seems the production staff for The Hobbit are working almost right down to the wire to make the magic happen.

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  1. Share the sentiment! Absolutely ADORE Sir Peter AND his lovely cardigan (I think he’s only got one? No, joking!) ! Shouldn’t someone knit him a new one for Christmas? With some dwarf-ish patterns?

    • You know how we want to pet Richard’s hairy forearms? Well, I just want to pet PJ’s tousled head and his little beard and give him a huge hug and tell him “thank you” for having faith in our beautiful boy. Well, they created knitted scarves and stuff with dwarf-ish pattens for the cast members–maybe some nice elf made something for PJ, too! 😉

  2. Wow, wow, wow!! I love it! The stuff behind the scenes is almost as exciting as what will be on the screen! I think we will be treated to a lot of lovely growls, etc. from Mr. Oakenshield. SHIVERS!!

  3. Thanks for posting this — it is a great view of what has to go into making a film (three films!) of this scope. I love the humour and camaraderie this shows.

    • I know–I love getting a glimpse of the people and the processes involved in all these facets of the production from conceptual art to the Foley artists. And it really, truly looks like a place that would be great to work. 😀

  4. Yahoo posted a somewhat snide piece about Sir Peter being a “brand”, and bringing up the labor relations and the animal care issues. Talk about rubbish journalism.

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