Anna & Alice serve up a dish: Red carpet Richard!


These are thanks to our own Hungarian honey, Judit and Anna Patton and to Alice Tynan at Twitter, who was one of the “uncouth Aussies” as Richard teasingly dubbed them, present at that very long red carpet in Wellington.

Now that’s up close and personal. Oh, love how the smiles are reflected in those beautiful blue peepers.

Every girl’s crazy ’bout sharp-dressed man . . . who is also intelligent, articulate, talented, funny, kind and thoroughly delicious.

Thank you, Alice and Anna and thank you, Judit!! Love it.

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  1. First pic is actually by Anna Paton (who tweeted that Richard was actually flirting with them when he stopped for the photo and/or autographs), the 2nd one is from Alice!

      • I would guess that this is a relatively “controlled” environment to meet fans in. He’s in the fan zone so to speak. This is just complete conjecture, although he is always gracious in fan encounters, I wonder if catching him “out of context” away from sets or premieres catches him off guard? I suspect, even now, he’s not quite wrapped his lovely head around it all – so modest (how do you not just go completely gaga over such a man?)

        • And he’s done quite a few red carpets now, what with the BAFTAs as training ground and then Captain America. So I think he is increasingly comfortable in these types of environments.I think he might be caught off guard a bit but would likely recover his equilibrium pretty quickly.He’s a quick study.;)
          I am not sure it will ever quite sink in just how very appealing he is to us, bless his beautiful, beautiful modest heart.

          • I wondered mostly because he seems to live inside his head a lot-I do the same thing, and I’m always somewhat taken aback when I have to change gears on the fly.

            As you say, he’s a quick study, and I’m betting he’ll have plenty of study practice in the next few weeks 🙂 Here’s hoping people can respect certain boundaries, that we can all be as giving as he is. No matter how gracious a celebrity is, sometimes, it’s just not polite to interrupt.

            That modesty is like catnip-nothing turns me off faster than braggadocio! Waaay too much of that around the entertainment industry .

            • Oh, I can relate to that. The living inside your head. I also tend to get caught up in what I am doing–artwork, vidding, writing, etc.–and lose track of time and place.

              Yes, I suspect now that people know what Thorin looks like underneath all the hair and prosthetics, and with The Hobbit hitting the screens around the world, he’s going to be recognized and approached more and more frequently.

              As you say, I can only hope and pray that people will play by the Golden Rule and treat him with respect and thoughtfulness when approaching him. I think of my cousin, who toured with Willie Nelson back in the 80s, and his stories about fans bugging Willie in restuarants(even the waitstaff) and even following him to his restroom stall trying to get an autograph. Rock always said as much as he loved performing and songwriting (and he’s had his songs recorded by million-selling artists) he’s glad he’s always remained more of a cult favorite than a big star “as I just couldn’t stand having to deal with all that.”

              Oh, gosh, I am SOOOO tired of these jumped-up “celebrities” who are so busy puffing up their own already enlarged egos. For me, it is a major turn-off. Some of these so-called reality “stars” are the worst. Famous for nothing more than being famous. Richard, on the other hand, is very much the real thing. And yes, his modesty and humility are absolute catnip for this girl, too. 😀

              • I know – not to undermine entertainment, it is important in a broad, cultural context, but for heaven’s sake, some of these people-one would think they had discovered the cure to cancer or world peace. Find a lasting peace in Gaza-then we’ll talk!

                The other thing that drives me around the bend is the notion that because they’ve achieved celebrity for some reason or another, that their political views are suddenly to be taken as gospel: get over yourselves already 😉 (naming no names-you know who you are!)

                I’ll take a gorgeous, talented, intellectual, grounded man thank you very much (Oh, and I promise not to corner him at the urinal for an autograph should the opportunity arise) Good Lord! Some decorum puh-lease!

              • Exactly. Keep what you do and are in perspective and don’t think because you are on a reality TV show you are also the second coming. *sigh* Oh, dear, celebs who want to espouse their political views and those who assume they are experts on psychology and psychiatry and can dictate to others what conditions do and do not exist . . . when I think they might need some therapy themselves.

                When Rock told me that story, I really was appalled. I mean, it’s one thing to wait for an autograph after a concert or awards show, etc. or even just to stop by their table after they’ve finished a meal and say how much you enjoy their work in a gracious manner and then leave. But the bathroom?? Come on.

            • My kind of catnip, too, Obscura. Part of me wants to point at Richard and tell young males, “See, that’s what you should aspire to be like!” The modesty, the sweetness, the manners, the humour, the graciousness under pressure, the masculine confidence without arrogance — that’s what drives us into purring, drooling bliss.

              • Interesting-I feel a social experiment coming on as I have such an impressionable young man under my thumb 😉

              • He really is an excellent role model in so many ways. In terms of how he treats others, his work ethic, his generosity and compassion—lots of good stuff to aspire to in that fellow.

              • It’s almost too good to be true 🙂 I keep waiting for him to go completely apes@$t about something and prove the rule, but the more I hang around the more it seems that he is just the genuine article. Restores my faith in humanity he does 🙂

              • I suspect that when that “vile temper” he says he has appears, I’d be fully in sympathy with his reasons.

              • I’ve actually tried to find faults in him, significant faults, you know, not the minor stuff everyone exhibits, but I haven’t really been able to thus far. I think he is what it says on the tin. And yes, such a man does restore your faith in a wonderful way. 😀

              • That’s just the thing-A) I’m kind of interested to see what RA defines as a “vile temper” B) I highly doubt it is going to manifest for something like-I don’t know- there being peanut rather than plain M&M’s in a dressing room.

                Someone invading personal space egregiously-most likely earned it!

              • I think his calling TPTB when they wrote the scene where Guy kills Marian and asking them, “Are you f**king crazy??” is an example of the sort of thing that gets Richard riled up. I can’t imagine him fussing over what kind of snack food or bottled water is served in his dressing room. And yes, someone really trying to invade his personal space and his privacy–I can see that summoning up the “don’t mess with me” glint in those blue eyes.

              • We have seen that glint before. His face is very disciplined, held in a pleasant expression, but his eyes say “Don’t even think about it.” in the same way that Eastwood used wnen Dirty Harry asked, “Do you feel lucky?” I would not ever want to see that glint directed at me,

              • Exactly. And I suspect that glint was in his eye that day the woman showed up at his trailer in Budapest unannounced. I am sure he wasn’t rude, but from her reaction he apparently made it clear he didn’t welcome the intrusion. She sort of disappeared from the fandom IIRC.

  2. He’s rocking the tie clip. I have a soft spot for them. My beloved Granddad, who’s been gone for 25 years, wore them routinely!

  3. These pictures are lovely. Richard, OF COURSE, is so handsome. I noticed the absence of a girlfriend when I looked at all the premiere pictures with Richard in it. Surely if Richard was seeing someone she would be at his side for this momentous occasion in his career.

    • Ya think? If I were in that “someone”‘s place, I would want him to have all the attention to himself, and I want not want all the nosy questions from the press to get in the way of the importance of what he has achieved. I’d be terrifically glad for him, but I wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight the way some actors’ girlfriends have. I’d want to have him to myself after all the hoopla was done.

      • I think now more than ever, if he wants to maintain as much privacy as possible, he would definitely NOT be escorting a significant other on the red carpet. I think all the questions that would be bound to come up would be annoying. And if I were the lady, I wouldn’t want to be there, either. It was his night to shine. Yup, I’d rather be with him afterwards to help him slip into something more comfortable and do some one-on-one celebrating. Seems like ever so much more fun.

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