Richard Armitage: That Old-Fashioned Star Allure


I am a huge fan of movies in general, but there is a special place in my heart for the films from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s.  The studio system was in place with actors and actresses under contract, and they were expected to appear in public looking like, well, STARS–well-dressed, well-coiffed, stylish and sophisticated.

Of course, “regular” people tended to dress more formally back then, anyway–I am old enough that I remember my mother going shopping in a dress, heels and a hat and gloves. You don’t see that much anymore, do you?

Sometimes I think we’ve swung the pendulum too far in the other direction. I used to be appalled when I would attend local high school graduations for the paper when I saw how a few of the people were dressed.


It’s one thing if you have to come directly from work in your uniform; it’s another if you show up in a faded T-shirt with mustard stains and baggy shorts.  They looked even worse alongside the attendees who did bother to dress up in their finest for a significant occasion in their loved ones’ lives . . . I am not one to stand on ceremony, but a little decorum never hurt.

But I digress (lack of sleep will do that).

Back to the subject at hand, old movies, and a man who has that old-time movie star charisma, Mr. Armitage. The way he carries himself, the way he interacts with fans and media, is a lesson in civilized behavior laced with humor. This gracious, charming, blindingly handsome gentleman, immaculately turned out,  seems to exist on a higher plane than other mere mortals; he looks every inch the star that one might have once gushed over in the pages of Photoplay Magazine.  Back when stars really were dreamy to behold . . .

Let’s face it, dearest Rich, you are a movie star now. And with the assistance of your new stylist and your own innate allure, you LOOK it, baby.

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  1. You’re right — he is a STAR, and looking more like one every minute. Yet these days, when movie actors and performers are photographed anytime, anyplace, with no regard for how they look or what they’re wearing, I think this is even more difficult to achieve.

    I, too, used to wear heels, hose, gloves, and a hat. I miss the days when people honoured graduates, performers, and others by dressing well; it was a mark of respect. It appalled me to go to an operatic concert and see people in shorts, tank tops, and flipflops. They wandered around talking as if the performance were background music; the lack of respect was evident.

    • Yeah, with a more relaxed culture linked with all sorts of mobile devices capable of taking photos, never mind real cameras, it’s hard to achieve and maintain that old-fashioned mystique. We see stars coming bedraggled out of the gym, or dressed down to do the grocery shopping–not quite the same.

      I remember when we used to go to the high school concerts, musicals and plays; we wore our Sunday best including pantyhose, even though the building used had no air conditioning and got quite warm in May. I did notice most of the people at the ASF performance were dressed nicely for a change. Hallelujah!
      Don’t get me started on people talking through performances/events. There were people who talked through all the graduation speeches, the songs and the prayers. They NEVER SHUT UP. It’s really disrespectful to all those participating.

  2. You have done a fine job with this photo Angie it is beautiful. He is so gorgeous isn’t he and he is so humble no doubt about it Richard you are now a movie star and you look so at home on the “red carpet” Loved the message too bless him for finding time to send that.

    • Thank you, it does suit him so well, this particular look. And he was made to walk that red carpet, in my opinion. A born star, now being recognized as such. 😀 The message was simply the loveliest of gestures.

  3. Great minds think alike!! I swear that I tought that too this morning when I saw the pictures and videos “he looks like a 1940’s movie star” I gasped… That style suits him oh so well, I know I always say this, but I swear to God he made me love him 1000000 times more. They say nobody is perfect, they are wrong, Richard IS 100% PERFECT!!!
    I completely agree with what you say about how people dress, it’s really shocking. I like to dress according to every occasion and I even do the same with Alex (my 4 year old son). “I am not one to stand on ceremony, but a little decorum never hurt” exactly!! I’m glad that here in Seville, in general, people are more traditional in that respect and we like to dress properly, have a good appearance. Surely you feel better when you look good…

    • I thought of stars like Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper. That glamour and allure they exuded, which is what RA has in spades.
      I guess it’s because I haven’t gotten out as much, but it felt particularly good to do my hair and makeup and dress festively for the play performance the other night. You are setting the example for your child as my mom did for us. 😀

  4. By the way, I forgot to say that you have excelled yourself with your artwork. Do you mind if I save the pictures in my computer? Just for me to admire Richard even more (if it is possible)…

  5. Fantastic artwork! Fantastic subject! Couldn’t agree w you more re decorum. While I was watching the coverage last night I was thinking of RA’s proud they must be!

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