Thorin Thursday: Thorinmania Fully Underway!


The IMAX poster. Do you think they were going for sexy here?

Isn’t he though?

The weight of his burden is visible in Thorin’s eyes.

Formidable=Thorin Oakenshield

I love being able to see Thorin’s wonderful costume in detail here.

FYI: Turns out the old computer had a broken wire in the adapter so Benny ordered a replacement. Won’t be able to retrieve a lot of stuff until we get it. I’ve been through two adapters with that laptop and I honestly can’t recommend Toshiba computers. TVs, yes–but not laptops. Seems difficulties with the electric adapters  is a common problem with that brand. *sigh* Let’s hope this HP holds up better.

I am proud of the new unit. At long last I have keys where half the letters/symbols aren’t worn off, a key isn’t missing and the left click button actually works (although I prefer an optical mouse, anyway). I do give my computers a workout!

Since I don’t have access yet to a lot of my stuff, things may look a bit different at the blog over the next couple of days, but you will be getting regular posts.

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  1. Congrats on the new computer! At least your stuff is retrievable once you get the adapter. Both my daughter and I have had trouble with Toshiba adapter cords and plugs. The only worse brand seems to be Dell; I was ready to bury Thorin’s ax in one of those.

    My heavens, I think IMAX was going for sexy. They have obviously heard the expression “hot dwarf” and they know what it means. Love your artwork.

    • IMAX definitely knows the meaning of smoulder, don’t they?

      Yep, it will take a little longer but at least I know the stuff is retrievable from the old computer. I told Benny, no more Toshiba computers for me. I have had two give me grief and that’s enough!!

  2. I see you have the Thorin IMAX poster, but didn’t see any info on the offer. They are being given out free to folks who make the first showing at 12:01. Here’s a link to the participating theaters:

    Here is the link to see all the posters you will get. I have to admit it send me straight to to buy mine…and here I was going to pass on ever going to a midnight showing again. LOL

    • Oh, cool, I didn’t have any of that info, just the image from RANet. (and sorry, the comment went to spam due to the links, I suppose). Thanks! The things we will do to get our hands on hot dwarfs . . . 😉

  3. That is discouraging – I just got one 😦 At least it’s the external adapter and not the internal portion-I have a now unusable Dell with that issue.

    • I wish you the best of luck with yours. Maybe you got the GOOD one. I have been through quite a few laptops–because I used one so much as part of my work, and now with the blogging and vidding and artwork–well, I do put the poor things through their paces.

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