“I don’t know, you tell me!” Oh, Richard, you’re adorable.


If you haven’t already, you must listen to this delicious radio station soundbite of RA on The Hobbit red carpet posted at RANet. There’s his typical good humor and modesty, and I love how he (quite flirtatiously) turns a question about his sex symbol status on its head. 😉


Oh, Richard, baby. It’s not just because the character is a hero that women are drawn to him (and to YOU). And you don’t just smoulder as Thorin because he’s “a dying flame about to be reignited.” Or because he apparently runs through the forest on fire at some point (ouch!). And you ARE a sex symbol, sweetheart, modest and reluctant though you may be to admit it.

Of course, that modesty and humility just endears you all the more to us–and makes you all the more irresistible, you sharp-dressed, sexy man, you. And women (and men) all over the world know it–and many more are learning. I merely have to look at my stats to realize that.

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  1. Richard has just appeared with Andy and Martin on the ARIAs to present Best Pop Release. Squeeee!!!!! *swoon* He’s all in black; jeans, jacket and what seems to be a polo shirt. Much more casual look than yesterday of course, and sporting darker stubble, but just as stunning as he was in the more formal gear. Such a weird but wonderful feeling seeing him live on local TV. I’ve recorded it on the hard drive so with a bit of editing, I’ll have it to keep. Off to watch him again!! 😀

    PS Thanks for the audio clip link Angie!

      • I do love him in a red carpet suit and tie; heck, I love him whatever he wears, but there’s something about seeing him dressed down like this. “Deliciously sexy” sums him up beautifully.
        Lol, after watching it a couple more times, I’ve just noticed Andy’s tee-shirt has the words “Wellington’s Precious” on the front.

        • Well, he does rock black really well. *thud* I love Andy’s sense of humor. He’s got that twinkle in his eyes, too. Didn’t his crew members have T-shirts with something about Andy’s Flying Serkis on them? 😉

    • The numbers have jumped up over the last couple of days and I have to attribute that to his dazzling appearance at the premiere events and his intelligent, articulate responses. And the flirting. 😉

  2. It’s here! Our sexy Angel has just reached the BIG TIME!!! I’m so proud! And Obscura, I want to pinch his cheeks regularly! (Both sets, depending…)

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