Oh, Richard . . . you “got me!” RA at the Arias


Thank you, Bccmee and friend, who supplied this video snippet of the Arias featuring Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage presenting the award for Album of the Year. Richard is sounding sooooo sexy (DEEP voice. Channeling Thorin?) and looking delicious back in black–and rumor has it the trousers are leather? Ohhhhhhhhh . . .



And here’s some photos that showed up taken by a lady who had a fantastic seat for the show, Erin Brown, aka Speedmouse. I believe she referred to him as “magnificent.”

I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy . . .

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  1. This is a whole new Richard Armitage. He is coming across so well I have been waiting and looking all day to see and he does not disappoint. I need to sleep but he really is wonderful!

  2. The trousers don’t look like leather to me…not that I got really close to the screen or anything! Lol! He does seem to be exuding a new confidence though and it really suits him.

  3. No – i don’t think they are leather although i think it would be very rock star if they were. But it was very hot in Sydney yesterday (and hotter today) and i wouldn’t like to think of him getting a heat rash or anything… Quiet gentlemanly confidence is a great description too.

    • Hey, Bollyknickers, and welcome. Ouch–no, I do not wish to think of our dear man being chafed anywhere, bless his heart. Glad you liked the description. I love that he’s not flashy, full of braggadocio and in your face (well, if he were, I wouldn’t feel this attraction to him, frankly).

      • I agree. I was saying elsewhere that even Mr Bolly (who is trying to be nice about it but is a bit over the fangurling this week) was impressed with RA at the ARIA’s. I think he is being won over by his personality – he likes people who are hard working and unassuming. RA is the sort of man women want to be with and men want to be.

        Thanks for the warm welcome – i don’t know why it has taken me so long to get here. When things calm down i’m looking forward to reading your back catalogue.

        • What I have told my husband–the man I refer to as my own personal Harry Kennedy–is that Richard has so many of the personal qualities that I love in him–smart and talented but modest and humble about it all, a lovely sense of humor, a man who tries to treat others the way he’d want to be treated himself. Yes, I do think RA is hotter than a thousand suns, but underneath the beautiful exterior is a mighty fine gentleman, I do believe.

          Feel free to drop by anytime–although I know it may well be after the first of the year as I am sure there is lots of holiday activity coming up for you–and Richard/Thorinmania rules for now! 😉

  4. Thanks…that was so fun to watch! And I learned something new! I like that song “Somebody that I used to Know”, but knew nothing about the artist!

  5. I just checked and the word she used was “MAGFREAKINGNIFICENT” – “shouting” is hers!! Can’t say I blame her when she was that close to him!! *swoon* Didn’t he look, and sound, just mouth-wateringly (don’t think that is even a word but what the heck!) delicious? *guh* I’m so thrilled to see him getting all this exposure so soon after the Premiere. It’s about time the world realized what a treasure he really is! 😀

    Not sure about the pants being leather though! I think he must be tired of being hot after all these months under prosthetics and heavy costumes! 😉 He certainly doesn’t being described as such, does he? Lol!

    • Oops! That should be “doesn’t like being described as such.” All the excitement of these last few days must be getting to me!

    • The consensus seems to be they likely weren’t leather. I will just have to make some leather happen for Guyday Friday. 😉 I described him as deliciously sexy and oh, yes, he certainly is magfreakingnificent. Every bit of it.

    • My husband is actually the person who introduced me to Gotye (he also makes videos and really like the concepts of some of Gotye’s vids) so he was impressed to hear Richard got to present the award. 😉 And welcome, CC.

  6. I’ve checked a few times (for the purposes of clarification of course) and I’d definitely say not leather. So glad that video clips are appearing, since I’m unlikely to have it available anytime soon, if at all, due to my tech deficencies.
    Watching him last night on TV was a wonderful experience, and one I’ve revisited several times. As I commented over at Jas’s, gooey and tearful probably sums it up. And oh, so very, very proud of him.
    He was absolutely splendid, from the very first second he strode out onto the stage. He spoke so well, and seemed to be unfazed, although maybe he was a little uncomfortable at being in the spotlight like that – I don’t know how big the crowd was. I can’t think of anything else he has appeared in that would compare. There were thousands at the red carpet, but meeting up with fans along its length has a certain intimacy to it that definitely wasn’t at the ARIAs.

    • He’s been a presenter at the BAFTAs, but that’s a smaller venue, I am thinking? He was wonderful, I agree. Your eyes and ears were immediately drawn to him, I suspect, even if you had no idea who the dude was.

  7. I think the depth of RA’s voice sounds like fatigue, although that is not apparent in how he looks. I think it’s just adorable how hard he was trying to get out of the way and be inconspicuous once Gotye got on stage. Perhaps he should have hidden behind that Elf woman!

  8. Thank you for showing the video on the second viewing it’s obvious that Richard doesn’t know where to stand, when Gotye speaks, poor chap.
    I too love ‘Somebody I used to know’ but had no idea who the artist was. A double treat.

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