Still side-stepping “Hot Dwarf” issue, more fanart. Oh, you adorable boy.


Here’s another interview with Andy, Martin and Richard with dear RA cleverly side-stepping the whole “hot dwarf” issueΒ  once more (love how Martin and Andy also chime in here). The image quality was a bit muddy on my end, but hey, you know how gorgeous he looks and you can hear him just fine. πŸ˜‰Β  Thank you, Ali, for the link on Twitter.

And while I am at it, some more fanart from the premiere:

Oh, come on, Richard, you know you are!

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  1. I hadn’t seen this interview before…so thank you! I could watch him talk forever πŸ™‚ Has he ever acknowledged in ANY interview that it’s him that we’re attracted to as well as his characters? Not that I want him to…I just find it so endearing that he gives the impression of thinking anyone who finds him attractive must be delusional πŸ˜‰

  2. I think the fact that he still can’t see himself as “hot” or attractive is one of his lovely qualities. Some actors in his place would be positively preening while he looks rather uncomfortable with the praise and looks down rather shyly, bless him.

    These pictures are wonderful by the way. It’s hard to imagine he could look even more attractive but he’s done it! Truly magical. πŸ™‚

    • It is. Those who clearly think they are the hottest thing on the planet become much less appealing to me when I realize the depth of their self-absorption. He’s so sweet and endearing, he really is, in his self-effacing way.

  3. I love that face he makes-as if he is again chagrined that interview brings up the hot factor (so cute that he never seems to expect it..especially from a female interviewer!) That, and Andy Serkis, “Not THAT kind of hot!” LOL-classic! These guys just seem like the would be so fun to hang out with don’t they!

  4. I think this is my favourite interview so far!!! His reaction to the hot dwarf remark is so similar to the reaction he had when Lorraine Kelly called him “a beautiful boy” all those years ago! So, yes, I think he’s definitely become more confident, but he hasn’t changed all THAT much…The shyness does make an appearance every now and then..:)

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