The Gentlemanly Giant: Thoughts on the Japan Press Conference


I had somewhat better luck tonight. Although as usual  (given our slower connection) there was some  buffering with the livestreaming, I was actually able to see and hear some of RA during the press conference in Japan, and the picture quality was beautiful. So was Richard Armitage, in every sense of the word.

Richard, looking retro rock n' roll cool, shares crinkles and answers questions for the press in Japan.

Richard, looking retro rock n’ roll cool, shares crinkles and answers questions for the press in Japan.

I know from Twitter that he didn’t get asked many questions, although when he did they were answered thoughtfully and intelligently in that deep chocolate voice we love. As always, he was attentive and responsive to what his fellow Hobbit folks were saying.

And it was what others had to say about him that really caught my attention tonight.

Peter Jackson saidthat if Martin as Bilbo was its heart, then Richard as Thorin was the soul of the movie. That this quiet actor is one that absolutely holds your attention on the screen.

Martin Freeman was very gracious in his comments about Richard, describing him as an extraordinary human being.

Richard was lauded for his positive qualities above and beyond that amazing talent of his: his quiet determination, his sweet nature, his decency, his stoical work ethic.

I don’t think it’s just us who love and admire Richard Crispin Armitage. As someone said on Twitter, he’s the man women want and men want to be like.

I don’t think our modest guy quite knew what to do with all that praise. But we all know he deserved every last drop of it, and more.

At the end of the conference, the group posed for photos. As usual, Richard, that dazzling smile in place, towered over the rest–Martin, Sir Peter, Andy and Elijah.

But then, he’s a giant of a man anywhere he goes. A giant of a gentleman, a talent. A giant of an extraordinary human being.

Richard, I am so very, very proud of you.

ETA: The link below will take you to the press conference in five parts. Thank you, RAC!


Screencaps courtesy of Twitter and Sinjoor.

Screencaps courtesy of Twitter and Sinjoor.

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  1. It is so great to see him getting all of these accolades…he certainly deserves it. I really like that ‘letter jacket’ look…there is a retro vibe to a lot of what he’s been wearing.

    • Oh, I know, I know. So glad to see a nice guy finishing first, you might say. And I really dig the lettermen jacket, too, and he’s also wearing the black kicks from the Aria awards. Definitely a cool retro vibe to a lot of his recent attire that really suits him.

      • Lol..I just went back to look at what shoes he had on 🙂 I know some people hated those shoes…they look sort of like an updated Converse Chuck Taylor in leather…really fits that retro look.

        • Maybe it’s a sign of my age, but I like the retro look. 😉 I’ve always been fond of the Chuck Taylor Converse style, anyway. And with the t-shirt, jacket and jeans he is wearing here, they work great. Again, it’s the grey-blue and black color scheme. I think the jacket’s sleeves are black leather.

          • I like it too..super upscale Grease look…fun and hip I suppose (as if I know what hip looks like 🙂 – I’m a fortyish college professor from Wisconsin – if that doesn’t scream fashionista I don’t know what does 😉 )
            He just looks great, happy, relaxed, at home in his own skin. Life is good!

            • John Travolta should wish he ever looked that good. 😉 I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I certainly no fashionista, either. I just know that Richard is looking particularly fine these days and the clothes aren’t hurting one bit.

              • I’ve only looked once (so far) so i could be wrong but i thought the grey top was a round necked sweater in a fine wool with a white T shirt underneath. I was thinking how cold Japan must feel after being in a pleasantly warm NZ and a sweltering Sydney and was pleased to see him wrapped up warm..

              • Yeah, on looking again, I think you are right, a very fine-spun sweater (jumper) over a white tee. It was probably pretty chilly out there tonight, too.

  2. Thank you for the links Angie, still working my way through the videos, but I just had to jump in and say, after discussing if the beard was on its way back, that he seems to be completely clean-shaven again, with even less stubble than at the premiere!

  3. What you said. This was one of the nicest things I have ever witnessed. And the love and respect they have for our guy, well, not a surprise, but to make a point of spelling out his sterling qualities like that makes me weepy. I am sure Mr. Humble was squirming inside, but he deserves the accolades.

    And his retro look rocks. I love the classic leading-man styling he has gone for. Yup, he may have a stylist, but don’t you think he has something to say about it? 😀

    • It’s just so wonderful to hear what we believe is true about him being validated by the people who have worked so closely with him. For it to be pointed out to the international press.

      I think a good stylist has to key in on the personality of the client and their lifestyle. One of the things I mentioned to her in a Tweet is how comfortable Richard looks as well as stylish and gorgeous. If you ain’t comfy, it shows. And with his grueling schedule, he needs to feel at home in what he is wearing as well as look good in it. Also, Richard has that old-fashioned gentleman vibe and the clothes seem to reflect that.

  4. I’m on cloud 9!! Each part had me enthralled in spite of having to wait through what the translators had to pass on to the audience. What Sir Peter and then Martin had to say about Richard more than confirmed what we have always felt to be true about him and I doubt we could have expressed that in better terms than they did. I had a huge lump in my throat as I listened as I’m sure many of you did too. The twitter comment also said it perfectly, “the man women want and the men want to be like.” I know the first part to be true at any rate. 😉

    • I feel the same. Peter and Martin’s comments were so wonderful! I kept thinking that we’ve been discussing many of those same things about Richard for quite a while! It’s so terrific to see that he’s finally getting his due! Richard, YOU ROCK!!!

  5. Thanks for the link, Angie. It was so heartwarming to hear our gut instincts about RA validated by a male actor with whom he has worked closely for 18 months, who had to know him well, and who didn’t have to say what he did. When Martin Freeman talks about RA being the “least arrogant person” and his “self-deprecating manner” and “stoical work ethic,” I really believe him, and that we, RA’s fans, are not mistaken in our positive judgement of him.

    Of course, to me he looks sublime no matter what he is wearing. All fashion “looks” look great on him, because it is HE who makes the clothing look good, not the other way around. I can’t wait for the next press conference. In Toronto, they do speak English!

    • I’m not sure what’s up, lynne, but every time you post lately it goes into moderation and has to be approved. Just a heads up in case it takes a while for a comment to show up. 😀
      (I’ve been recording voice-overs for a TV commercial Benny is making for the car dealership so I’ve been tied up with that for a bit).
      That being said, yes, it made me feel downright warm and fuzzy and so happy to hear those kind words being spoken about our Richard. And our jokester Martin is being 100 percent sincere when he says those things about RA, I have no doubt. Loved the way he sat back when it was Richard’s turn and gave him that expectant look. Cracked RA up, too. 😉

      And PJ is exactly right. Our eyes are drawn to RA onscreen and we just can’t look away.

      I do think that wearing something that he’s comfortable in, that suits his personality and he feels good wearing, that also happens to flatter his coloring and physique, is only going to enhance his attractiveness. I have seen him in a few questionable ensembles over the years (including some stuff photographers put him in) but I think the stylist is doing a fine job.

  6. Finally got around to watching all the videos. Just the couple of excerpts over at Frenz’s had me teary but to actually hear Peter and Martin voicing their thoughts about Richard, had me filled up with emotion. I know the cynics would say that they couldn’t very well express a dislike for him but nor did they have to go into such depth explaining how they feel.
    I loved this press conference despite having to sit through the translations.They must have been wonderful questions to elicit such intelligent, interesting – and different – answers. I too loved the way Martin sat back, looked at Richard expectantly, and Richard started laughing. I was also transfixed by the way he was absently stroking the side of his chair at one point. *cough*

    • True, they wouldn’t badmouth him, but neither would they feel compelled to describe him in such a way and in such detail if there wasn’t sincerity there. It would have been nice to know what the actual questions were, wouldn’t it?

      • I might be wrong, but I thought the rubbing of the thigh thing was a signal of his embarrassment over Martin’s nice comments.:) I wish I could have seen his face when Sir PJ was talking about him!

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