You want to see the Army Tee that Caught RA’s Eye? Here it is.


Many thanks to the Belgian Beauty, Nadia, and T-shirt designer Tanni for providing this to us. This is the brilliant design worn by a group of Armitage Army fans present at the Hobbit red carpet in Wellington. According to Meri, the ladies added a few embellishments to ensure they caught the Lovely One’s eyes. Well, it worked.  The T-shirts earned the admiration of Richard (who wanted one for himself).


Have to say it reminded me of this little creation of my own:

You can cut the alpha male tension like a knife . . .

You can cut the alpha male tension like a knife . . .

Hope this town is big enough for the two of them. Whew!

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        • Okay, Judit, here’s what you do. Get a high-grade designer tee such as DKNY with a dressy scoop neck. Apply the design, or have a tee-shirt designer/printer do it so that the design is correctly positioned. Add rhinetone studs, sequins, or beading as you see fit. Find an evening jacket that will look good over it and conceal the design until the perfect moment. Then you open the jacket, letting the shirt and your lovely curves show, just like a superhero.

          • Ah Leigh…thank you for the tip! Unfortunately I’m hopeless at sewing&dressmaking&decorating..It’s so foreign to me..I think I’ll just stick with a dress…Just got over-excited by the T-shirts and the effect they had on our Lovely One.

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