GQ Richard on the Japanese red carpet: Thank you very much.


The Japanese premiere of The Hobbit. A huge and very enthusiastic crowd was on hand to welcome Richard Armitage and the rest of his co-stars and director to the red carpet. An amazing number of autographs were given by the lads in record time and Richard also posed for photos with fans and spoke several times in Japanese. Which is just sooooo cute.

How did he look? Judge for yourself.








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  1. Sigh….. Thanks for posting these pictures. It’s been amazing to follow the live stream. In the 5th pic I almost expect his smile/teeth to sparkle as it does when Harry smiles to Geraldine during “It should have been me” in VoD

    • Welcome==and you’re welcome. I thought the same thing about that gleaming smile. I mean, talk about a movie star!! And such a sweet, lovely, modest man to boot. What more could a girl want??

  2. I’m torn – he looks absolutely gorgeous but what is that suit made of? Are we going to have another three day leather/waxed cotton debate? Either way, shiny suits remind me of 1980’s estate agents in Audi Quattro’s.

    Lovin’ the hair though.

    • 🙂 The lines of the suit are great, but I’m curious about the material too. He looks fabulous! The line of Richard, Martin, Elijah all with their slicked back hair…so cute…looks like mom came through and gave everyone a once over before the crew went out the door.:)

      • Maybe Iliria will get back to Ali later with details on suit. He rocked it. Martin’s hair is usually a bit rumpled, but he had it tamed for the occasion. 😉 Of course, Sir Peter was, as always, very tousled.

        • It reminded me of a picture of my mother’s five little brothers all lined up (in the 50’s) and my grandmother giving them the last combing before leaving the house 🙂

          • And Martin and Elijah are so little, too. I guess he’s too well known for it to happen, but I wonder if Elijah ever gets carded? I know he’s 31, but he looks about 15! 😉

            • The do look tiny there don’t they 🙂 It has got to be a huge relief to the more height challenged members of the cast that Richard doesn’t have all of that physical presence and a personality that sucks all the air out of a room in order to feed itself.

              Elijah has a kind of everyman (boy) look about him the right areas, I can definitely see him being carded 🙂

              • Oh, I know. Considering how much time they are having to spend together on this promo tour, if his ego was as big as he is, it would get very old very fast. But not so with our man of quiet honor.

                Elijah is definitely still quite boyish. 😉 He really does seem like a sweet guy.

        • As a director, Sir Peter is allowed to look rumpled, fallen out of bed backwards. But if he gets nominated for an Oscar and goes to the ceremony, he’ll have to pull it together just for the night.

        • Calling PJ’s fashion look “tousled” is a very charitable way of putting it. HE is the one who needs the stylist, but obviously, he couldn’t care less. I wonder if he has more than one change of clothing. On second thought, I guess that, like St. Francis of Assisi, when one has a tremendous inner confidence and is so focused on higher priorities, fashion becomes irrelevant.

          • I guess “like an unmade bed” would be more apt. 😉 I have never personally seen him when he hasn’t been quite rumpled and disordered in his appearance–in a way, it’s part of his charm. Reminds me of Lt. Colombo. 😀

  3. Thanks for these lovely photos…he looks so proud! And yes Harry does come to mind….love the last one as we’ll my fab I think 🙂

  4. This time I could watch it live… OMG! He’s such a lovely, adorable and wonderful human being! I was so incredibly happy for him! Our boy has made it all the way to the top with his hard work, and we couldn’t be proder of you, Richard, even if we tried.

  5. Just magnificent, isn’t he? Richard really has arrived. I saw the press conference, but missed the red carpet. I guess I’ll be chasing it on YT. P.S. What was he doing in Japan in 2000? Did I miss something in the bio?

    • I am so proud to be able to answer that question for you (as I did for folks on Twitter) Richard was touring with Macbeth in Japan, playing the role of Angus back in 2000. 😀 I am sure the red carpet, just like the press conference, will soon show up on YT. It was so much fun to watch.

        • You have to understand I have one of those brains that may not remember where I put my keys, or my phone or my gloves, but all kinds of trivial stuff? I am your woman. I am the two-time trivia contest winner aboard Carnival Cruises. 😉

          • My long lost twin 🙂 I am also a repository of volumes of trivial information-no one will play Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy with me anymore 😦

            • I am the same! My mother always wanted me to go on Jeopardy at some point (it was one of her favorite shows). And I used to play team Trivial Pursuit and we never lost a game. One guy threatened to pour a bottle of Clorox over me and turn me into a real bleached blonde LOL

              • I went to a Jeopardy contest search was fun. I made it through all of the testing, but then they told us, “If you’re in LA, bring this card to the studio and you might be able to sit there all day and NOT get on the show.” Oh, well when you pitch it that way..I think I’ll pass 🙂 Holy cow! Clorox-that is one serious trivia competition

              • Oh, rats! I don’t blame you for opting out, then. Yeah, I am pretty sure Kenny was just kidding—but you know, some people are just sore losers. 😉

              • Friends said I should do Jeopardy, but I know that there are categories where I would be completely blindsided. With my luck, I could go through all that and end up not buzzing in on a single question.

              • The mini me has arrived and is doing some Jr. Squeeing over premiere pix-I have officially converted her from BieberFever to Armitage Army. I have her t-shirt design laid out, just need to print it..then hide it from her Dad. He mostly indulges me, but he might think that is too weird 😉

              • It’s a win-win. Taste training, AND I don’t have to constantly argue about why I refuse to allow her to wear Bieber clothing (I have a thing about wearing people’s faces..she wanted the Wellington premiere head shot on the T..I went with text. Something a bit creepy about the other direction 🙂 )

              • Of course I know this 😉 they also screen you for personality and a basic ability to ring in.

                I wuld be screwed in a number of categories Jeopardy anyone?

              • We could be unbeatable. However, in an attempt at career change, I tried to apply to be one of the people who write the “answers”, a member of the Clue Crew. I never got a response.

              • people continue to deny our relation to other primates is beyond me. While I struggle with encouraging my kids to hide their intelligence, tempering it does seem to be in their long term interests..try not to ecer let people know that you know too much more I guess..

            • Same here. Even with bits falling off the hard drive, I am still accused of having a “garbage pit mind”, just full of electic ephemera.

              • Comes in handy from time to time though. How many times have you heard..”why do you know that?” Idk..I read a lot and just unconsciously file stuff away.

              • Yeah — I get the same thing for the same reason. I’ve read voraciously since I was four and most of it is in there somewhere. I also had some interesting professors for some eclectic subjects, in addition to the mountain of coursework involved in my major.

              • I try not to unleash it all that often..experience tells me that people do not always like a smarty pants.

              • True. I keep it well-hidden most of the time, but friends who know me well feel free to ask weird stuff.

              • I had a lit professor in college who graded on the curve. Unless, of course, someone blew it.

                Guess who regularly blew it?

                I will never forget the looks some of my classmates gave me. If they could have killed, I would not be here now, I assure you. No, being the smarty pants definitely does not make always make you beloved. 😉

              • Fortunately, the universities I attended did not publicize who got what grades. The grades were posted by “identification numbers”. When I did “blow the curve”, it wasn’t general knowledge although I did get a comment from a classmate when I made the dean’s list.

              • Oh, he announced it to the class. I wanted to slide under my desk and quietly crawl away . . . I felt like I was supposed to apologize to some of my classmates for being intelligent in spite of the color of my hair.

              • What did he think that accomplished? Did he want to see you targeted? Or did he think to shame those who did poorly? Not a good tactic.

                I did get a very nice compliment from one prof when he told me privately that I was the only student who had ever scored 100% on a final and he offered me a letter of recommendation to a doctoral program.

              • My major crossed over several subjects..that, combined with teacing at a small school, where everybody teaches outside their main area A Lot outside it for me, one encounters a huge amount of miscellanea.. some things just stick.

              • For a time, I was part of an experimental program where each of my courses involved history, literature, mathematics, physics, and art. Rigorous, but a heck of a ride and I remember a lot of it.

              • Well, one is at least safe from classroom opprobrium in the US since FERPA went into effect..grade transmission is stealth mission these days.

              • How do I make these comments go where I want them? Anyway.isn’t it a sad commentary that people should be vilified for displaying intelligence *sigh*

              • It is sad that people will want to go after the intelligent, but it is consistent with that primate different-is-dead thing.

    Oscar Potential: Warner Bros. has announced that the movie based on the Tolkien classic is vying for nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor (Freeman), Best Supporting Actor (McKellan, Armitage, Serkis), Best Supporting Actress (Cate Blanchett), Cinematography and pretty much every technical award possible. If The Hobbit lives up to the precedent set by the Lord of the Rings trilogy (which finished off with a 11 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, for Return of the King), that long list of goals doesn’t seem so outlandish. The movie promises an epic quest plot and the visual beauty we expect from LOTR movies—plus even more of Andy Serkis’ impressive but not-yet-Oscar-winning motion-capture acting work as Gollum.

    • Well, they do nominate more movies now which means more actors being nominated, too, so it’s NOT inconceivable that he might actually get a nomination. A win, unlikely–but just to be nominated!

      • I would have been shocked if The Hobbit hadn’t been nominated for a slew of awards…isn’t that part of the rational for December release..fresh in the sight lines of Oscar voters?

        • Especially since the LOTR trilogy was so well-received. Of course, they saved most of the awards for the final film,and that may happen again. But I will be very surprised if it doesn’t win some of the special effects statuettes.

          • I think your right..I’m trying to cycle through the technical category competition from 2012 in my head, but it is too full of squee in there to see clearly 🙂

              • It is. When I get wound up it’s really hard for me to wind down. And there’s this wave of euphoRiA that is just amazing. I think of him and smile. I look at him and thud.

              • You and Richard can be sleeping together *cough* I mean at the same time. My guess is that the crew is in transit to the new world as we speak..I haven’t bothered to look up the time difference, but arriving sometime today in North America would give them all a tiny breather for jet lag adjustments. Sweet dreams!

              • I am about to visit the bathroom, adjust the cat (see if she’ll budge over just a bit on the bed) and see if I can drop off for a while. I think it’s all caught up with me. . .

  7. Thank you so much, Angie, for posting these gorgeous pictures! I Really don’t have words to express what I’ve been feeling these last few days. It’s really been such total euphoria! And so much is yet to come. Sometimes I almost feel this man is one day going to kill me with his massive gorgeousness. Having heart-troubles already 😉

  8. Ilaria just tweeted that the Japanese premiere suit was made of waxed wool (so NO leather!Guy can breathe a sigh of relief!) and it is by Calvin Klein. And she said there’ll be a tux for London. No surprise there I suppose! And she told me she didn’t mind being bombarded with questions re RIchard’s outfits by the members of the AA! It’s good of her to take the time and answer our queries!

  9. Martin and Peter just verbalized exactly how we feel about this wonderful man! It took my breath away and I had tears in my eyes just watching it! I can’t imagine how they made our humble man feel.

    I kept thinking about how it validates all of the things that his Army has been saying about him! We’ve all talked about him projecting so much with just his body and face. We’ve also talked about watching him when all of the other actors are having dialog. How he’s just suppose to be in the background but he has our attention, we can’t look away! We’ve know about this amazing man and his abilities for years! Wow, we must all be geniuses!

    • I know. To hear it come from these two professionals who have worked so closely with Richard for an extended period can’t help but move you deeply.
      Yes, we have discussed how Guy, even when in the background and with no dialogue, draws the eyes not just because he’s beautiful but also because he expresses so much through his body language and expressions.

      I like to think we are very intelligent, sensitive, astute females – – – with the Good Taste Gene. 😀

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