Lovin’ that Retro, Rockin’ Richard!


Tonight I watched Richard in the livestream from the Japanese press conference. And once again, I loved his outfit. That Gucci cloth-and-leather varsity jacket, the grey tee, the jeans and the return of the black kicks along with a clean-shaven face had him looking hip, young and ready for the sock hop, indeed.  The looks may be a blast from the past, but he doesn’t look anything like an old fogey.

At the ARIAs, he was rockin’ the waxed jeans, black jacket and heavy stubble (and the kicks! Some dislike them, but they suit me just fine). The looks are retro, they are classic, and yet very fresh and stylish, too.  He really seems comfortable in his own skin and his new clothes and this fan thinks he’s definitely got the LOOK.

BeFunky_Screen Shot ssmalt2012-12-01 at 1_41_49 PM




Screen Shot 2012-12-01 xoolat 1_45_35 PM

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  1. I think it is a good look for Japan as well. My Japanese friends love retro baseball jackets and converse. They will also love his modesty, graciousness and nice manners – well, who wouldn’t?

  2. He’s killed me, it was bound to happen and now he’s done it! Going for 1950’s rock’n’roll style? My absolute favourite decade? Let’s face, I didn’t stand a chance… 😀

    • I do, too. I really do think it was perfect for the venue. I think to a certain degree she is choosing outfits that mirror the premiere site as well as aspects of RA’s personality. I think she is doing a good job. He looks great and he seems to be feeling just fine in the clothes.

  3. Noemi, i can’t resist commenting, however late, on your favorite decade, the 50’s. I bet you didn’t live through them. I spent my teens in the 50’s—the songs were great, clothing styles were ok if you didn’t mind being dictated to, uncomfortable, and freezing in the Michigan cold, and societal mores were terribly restrictive, hypocritical, suffocating, if you were not a WASP, (white, anglo-saxon, protestant) male. Thus, in the 60’s and 70’s, we had widespread youth rebellion and the civil rights and women’s liberation movements. Apart from the popular music, I look back on the 50’s with disdain. As I was then taught, an activity like “Richarding” would have sent me to hell.
    So glad to be liberated from all that!

    Angie, the second photo of this post is very special to me. In it he doesn’t look particularly like a movie star, but Richard is wearing the same expression that he has in your blue-eyed soul photo. Priceless! Very seldom does he let this side of his personality show. It gets me in the gut.

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