More Tokyo Boy: RA Fanart fun


A few more fun pieces of RA fanart from Tokyo, both the press conference and RA on the red carpet. Got about five hours of sleep this afternoon after being up all night again, but I don’t regret being there for the live streaming (stuttering though it was) for both the PR and the red carpet. Those Japanese surely know how to put on a show! Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, that’s a Calvin Klein waxed wool suit Mr. A is wearing. Hmmm. Wool. In Blue. A possible homage to Sweetie John the sheep farmer and his blue coveralls? 😉  And his stylist confirms he WILL be wearing a tux for the Royal Premiere in London. 😀 Oh, Judit, you lucky girl!







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  1. Calvin Klein, Gucci, Zegna!! WOW!!! He sure is showing off these designer outfits to perfection isn’t he? 😉 He is the very epitome of a classic movie star. *sigh* Just when we thought it was impossible for him to look any more stunning we get to see so many new images of him that just make us melt!

  2. Great fan art, Angie. Maybe he IS beginning to believe that he has become a movie star. Stellar? Absolutely! The lads in red hats bring me memories of a certain red-hatted kitty cat I have buried in my zillions of pictures of RA. Wonder when this gadget runs out of space? Such a sweetheart he is! All this hoopla is the best Christmas present. Glad I can share it with so many kindred spirits, even though we are scattered across the globe in many different time zones. Isn’t technology wonderful? — when it works and we can understand it?

    • I think at the very least he must realize that his career is moving in a new, big direction. He certainly has everything it takes to be a movie star–the talent, the versatility, the amazing looks, the charisma–no reason why he can’t be right up there if it’s what he wants. And bless him, he is so sweet and modest and deserving of every word of praise heaped on him by Martin and PJ.

      Technology is a pain in the you-know-where sometimes, but nowadays where would we be without it?? Not being able to share the RA goodness in this manner, that’s for sure.

      There will be more red-hatted cats and ChaRActers and a certain TDHBEW, too in festive images. I have a folder of them. 😉

        • No that was Uncle Google I’m afraid! Though I did know “daisuki desu” meant I love you because we had a teacher at high school (who was supposed to be teaching us Russian) who spoke about 15-16 languages, one of which was Japanese. Now back in those days there was an extremely popular mini-series on TV called “The Shogun” (starring the very handsome bearded Richard Chamberlain). Most of it was dubbed of course but for some reason some of the Japanese sentences weren’t translated. So naturally we harassed the poor guy into teaching us some Japanese expressions. 🙂 That’s how we learned arigato domo and daisuki desu and that the Japanese put the surname first, and “first name” second, just like us Hungarians. It was so much more fun than the Russian we were supposed to be studying. Ha!

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