What in the world will RA be wearing this time around?


Not only is the question of late, “Where in the world is Richard Armitage?” These days, it’s also “what in the world will Richard be wearing this time around?”  Will he be rockin’ the retro? In traditional tailoring? Boyish or bold? We just have to wait and see. I told someone today I do not ever remember anticipating so eagerly what an actor would be wearing on a publicity tour!

Ilaria Urbatini has been doing a fabulous job so far (in my humble opinion) in putting Richard into fashions that fit well, flatter his coloring and his physique and also make him look like the charismatic star he is. The waxed wool suit was perfect for cutting-edge Tokyo and its dramatic premiere stage pyrotechnics. Richard–along with Tokyo–really rocked.

Tomorrow morning our globetrotter will be appearing at the unveiling of a special installation for The Hobbit at Union Station in Toronto–and it’s bright and early starting at 7 a.m. their time. (Hope he can sleep well on planes, bless his heart.) KISS 92.5 is giving away 100 tickets to Monday night’s premiere.  After that, he’ll be taping a live show with Marilyn Denis at 10 a.m. with live streaming video.http://www.marilyn.ca/About/Schedule.aspx

After THAT, he will tape another TV show, a sold-out one, so I am told, at 3:15 p.m. with the air date not yet determined.

And Monday night it appears he may be the sole Hobbit star on the red carpet for the big premiere. Which designer will he be wearing, and what sorts of materials? Any guesses as to what stylist Ilaria will choose?






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  1. I’m guessing it will be traditional and very upmarket for Toronto. More like the NZ suit than the Tokyo one. Is it being Live streamed? I won’t be able to watch the TV show as that’s at 2am our time and i’m wondering about the Red Carpet… I HAVE to go to my Pilates class ( 6pm – 8pm Toronto time) so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Red Carpet is earlier..

  2. a 45 minute plane ride away….so close and yet so far! Won’t even be able to catch Marilyn’s show until much later on tape. Argh!

    Nevertheless, I am looking forward to more fashion-wear. I am not crazy about the wool/shine suit. I volunteer to undress him the next time he puts that thing on. 🙂

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