“I’m a lucky boy”: Great RA interview you must read


“Whenever I play characters that are a bit grubby and grungy it just feels better. Maybe it’s because I’m a Northerner, and I’m just meant to have my hands dirty. Part of the thrill of playing Thorin was this transformation.”

Richard Armitage on his transformation into the bearded Dwarf, Twitch Magazine.


Richard and that nice old Gandalf, the amazing Sir Ian McKellen.

Richard and that nice old Gandalf, the amazing Sir Ian McKellen.

“Ian is such a delightful man, whenever I had to be aggressive towards him there was always a pang of guilt inside of me that thought, ‘oh, don’t be too rough on poor Gandalf!’

That’s part of the thrill of acting, that you have to push those bombs onto other characters.”

Richard Armitage on working with Sir Ian McKellen, Twitch Magazine


I saw the link to this interview with Twitch this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love it when Richard is given time to respond in-depth to questions. This is also done in Q&A style, which I like (and enjoyed using when I worked for the paper) with good, open-ended queries. Lots of excellent insight into the art and craft of acting from a man who is a master of it. Give an intelligent, articulate person a chance to discuss a topic they are passionate about and you can’t miss . . .

Richard Armitage Visits Union Station To Promote "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"

Richard during his headcam interview with Damnit Maurie at Union Station in Toronto Monday morning. Courtesy of the Russian RA site.

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  1. That’s Richard. Deep and thoughful ! I
    t’s so delightful to read and hear him speaking about his role and the feeling (le ressenti) in the Hobbit’s film. I can’t wait for the Premiere in New York ! Will there be a live stream ????

  2. Richard may say he’s “a lucky boy”, but we know just how hard he has worked to get here. He earned everything, including Orcrist, the shield, the map, and the key, including perks and paycheck, including the respect of his colleagues and the adulation of his admirers. May be a little bit of luck in there, but most of it was earned.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Angie! It gives me great joy to read about the thoughts of this profoundly intelligent man. Let’s just hope there will be more interviews like this one where he will be given the space he needs to talk more deeply about his passion for his work.

    My love and respect for him keeps growing every day.

  4. Richard Armitage is a gentleman, and a gentle man. When I saw and heard the anguish in Thorin’s face and voice (your first image) asking Bilbo, “Why did you come?”, it touched me deeply.

    We normally don’t think of action adventure guys as having heart and soul. Yet, creating complex and multi-dimensional personae with heart and soul is exactly what Richard Armitage’s character portrayals are all about. And Thorin will be magnificent!

    Shock and awe, people. Shock and awe!

    • Richard gives his portrayals of “action men” so much more than muscles and an attitude. Heart and soul–that’s exactly right. That’s why we care so much about them. Thorin will indeed be magnificent . . . 😀

  5. Great interview and as usual thoughtful and intelligent answers from Richard. I remember thinking as I watched him at the Powhiri ceremony how pale he looked and wondered if he was feeling well. He now admits he was “terrified” yet he overcame that and did everyone proud. You can tell how sensitive he is to the feelings of others when he explains how difficult it was be “rough” on Gandalf. I’m sure it totally went against his natural respect for such an actor as Sir Ian.

    It’s been a thrill for me seeing him in Canada and I was so proud of him. It somehow felt different knowing he was in the same country! 😉 Doesn’t he look fantastic in the picture at Union Station?

  6. Yes, that was so sweet, feeling bad about being rough with Gandalf. I thought back to how the little girl in RH kept giggling with RA as Guy was threatening to toss her over the cliff. She knew the big shaggy man really wasn’t going to hurt her, didn’t she?? He is truly a gentle man.

    He looked great at Union Station–oh, he looked great everywhere!!

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