More of my crush in Toronto








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          • Leaving the final button undone shows that the buttonholes are real, that the buttons were not just sewn through the fabric layers (as they can be on less well-made garments). The way the buttonholes are sewn is also an indicator of quality and formality. Servetus did a post on her blog “me + Richard Armitage” about the “missing button.”

            • I remember Servetus did a post on it but I must confess I have never read it…I have over 60 unopened blogpost notifications in my inbox…I just can’t keep up with everything. I can’t. I lost the thread after Tokyo. 🙂

              • Don’t feel bad, Judit. I don’t have a job or a premiere to prepare for and yet I can’t keep up, either. I have just been taking my time.

  1. Very hard not to gush when I look at these pictures! Loving the arms and the hands (and everything else of course!) I adored him as “Pete” and the parts with him and Ros together were wonderful, but this really is a much more beautiful suit! Can I say “suits him to a T?” OUCH!! All these pictures seem to enhance just how handsome he really is!! I notice the tie clip made another appearance there too! 😉 Stanley Stunning for sure. 😀

    • Honey, go ahead and gush all you want here. Gushing always allowed. Yes, if Pete the Banker had employed a personal stylist this is what we would have gotten 😉 Yes, liked seeing tie clip again, too. Very classic and classy look for him. You know the late broadcaster Peter Jennings who was dubbed the original Stanley Stunning, actually hailed from Canada. So it seems particularly appropriate for these photos. 😀

  2. Why fight gushing when there’s every reason for it? The man is scrumptious and well dressed. In the third pic, you can see his :naughty side just below the surface *guuh*.

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