You just ain’t seen nothing yet, folks. (New RA fanvid)


It’s clear to me our Richard is about to become a big movie star. I feel like so many good things are ahead for our talented, brilliant, beautiful Mr. A.

Truth be told–you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks.  Dedicated to my dear friend, faithful blog reader and ardent RA fan, Teuchter. More BTO for you! I made this a few weeks ago, but connection/computer problems delayed getting it loaded. Thank you, dear husband, for uploading this to YT for me. You ROCK!

Hope you all enjoy this blast from the past when TVs had antennas and knobs and satellite and cable didn’t offer a jillion channels. 😉

Richard in Toronto, channeling Mr. Roger's sweetness and gentle humor with a generous dash of sex appeal. What the man can do for a cardigan . . .

Richard in Toronto, channeling Mr. Roger’s sweetness and gentle humor with a generous dash of sex appeal. What the man can do for a cardigan . . .

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  1. Hmm — gorgeous picture, gorgeous subject; you never disappoint. However, there’s no vid or a link to it. Guess I’ll skip over to YT…

  2. I’m very glad I’m not the only one who noticed the Mr. Rogers thing..although, Mr. Rogers never made me feel all tingly 🙂 Please Mr. Armitage, won’t you be my neighbor?

    • RA has that sort of calm, soothing presence that Fred Rogers exuded–I think they were/are both kind, decent human beings. But RA has that allure, that mystique, that sex appeal that takes it to another level. I would love to have him for my neighbor. (of course with his schedule, when is the man ever home??)

          • Think he packs a valet? I felt kind of sorry for him when I listened to the Crouse interview. He kept stuttering around his age in The Hobbit stage production, misquoted his own height. Sounded to me like the product of a very tired mind…trying so hard to be articulate, but just needing some restorative rest. Hopefully after Anderson Live, he can maybe get at least a bit of rest before the NY Premiere..have they posted any more promotional events? (Yes, I am lazy)

            • I thought the same thing, that he’s just really tired. How can he possibly not be and be human? If y’all could hear me attempt to articulate things to my husband some nights when the FMS is bad I swear you’d think I had had a stroke and it’s really frustrating. And I haven’t been through what he has.

              I also hope he gets some decent rest between the Anderson show and the premiere. My mind is hazy on just what else is on the agenda. Oh, he is about to do an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Found that out on Twitter and tossed in a few possible questions of my own. 😉

            • Yeah, he was probably so tired, he was dizzy. I hope he can get some real rest before NY. At least the Toronto-NY flight isn’t very long.

              • He’s in NY already, he taped that Anderson Live show earlier, Judiang was in the audience. Doing a WSJ interview this afternoon. Don’t know what else is on tap.

              • Hopefully American immigration was decent…I had a very chatty immigration agent the last time I came through JFK-unfortunate only in that I really needed to get to the ladies’ room!

              • I share your hope, Obscura. I have had both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. I can get a bit snarky when someone gives me a bad time after I’ve been in transit for 20+ hours.

              • Nothing says “Welcome to America” like Fox News on the TV and a grumpy agent at passport control 😉

              • I encountered a customs agent who tried to tell me that my books were contraband, with a passport control agent who decided to grill me about my reason for travelling. Charming. On the other hand, I have also encountered pleasant, thoughtful people.

          • This is part of the reason one has a stylist. Someone has to care for, pack, and expedite the transport of all the clothes, including insuring them and getting them through customs, so that they land at the right hotel on the right day. No easy task…

            • Yeah, it involves a lot of responsibility and organization, I would think. So far I am very impressed with the job that’s been done. Although poor Richard may be getting worn out, he LOOKS dashing, dapper, dazzling, divine,

              • His ability to look so amazing is incredible given the hours he’s been keeping and the miles accrued. (hopefully he’s not using the Countess Bathory beauty regime 😉 )

              • Doesn’t he? He veritably dazzles. Yet I truly hope he manages to get some alone time, a chance to catch up with himself and rest, if only to stay well. At least we know he’s got the Royal Premiere in London and then maybe, just maybe, he’ll get a Christmas holiday.

              • I know, the mother hen in me simply can’t help worrying about him don’t getting enough good rest and overtaxing himself. Even if he’s got that portrait in the attic 😉 a body and brain do get tired. And I do hope he gets to spend some time with those near and dear to him at Christmas to enjoy a little down time.

  3. Sorry I’m so late in arriving! Thanks a million for the video, the dedication *blushing at your kind words* and the ultra-stunning picture you included. Just check him out there! *guh* The look he is giving makes me quite weak at the knees. The video is so fun! I had a sneak peek before I went out this a.m. but didn’t have time to comment. I couldn’t resist doing a little bit of “bass air guitar” at the “dum,….dum dum” parts as I ate breakfast! Please tell me you know the bits I mean! 😀 I had to laugh when I came to the picture of Richard doing the same thing way back when!! 😉

    It may have taken you some time to get it loaded but it sure was worth it for me. Bless your heart for making it. It certainly made MY day!!

    • Oh, you are so welcome, my darling. Now,I am having a lovely time imagining my Teuchter playing air guitar to this vid. 😀 I am glad you enjoyed and it made your day and you felt it worth the wait.

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