Lego Goodness, Cover Boy Thorin, & Flirty-Girty RA: What a fun morning!


After collapsing fairly early again last night (all this Armitagemania is exhausting me!! LOL What must the poor man feel like??) I slept reasonably well and woke up around 6 a.m. to do some more Richarding. And some Richarding I have done! Twitter has all been a-flutter this morning with more links to photos, reviews, interviews, articles re RA and The Hobbit.

It’s been a busy day for cast members as they are popping up here and there all over NYC today promoting the film.

This has to be the cutest story out there today relating to the film. Go to the Buzzfeed link below to enjoy seeing TH cast with their mini-me Legos. All the photos are just great.

A very sexy Richard Armitage in Thorin garb showing off his Lego figure. Never have I wanted a Lego so very much.

A very sexy Richard Armitage in Thorin garb showing off his Lego figure. Never have I wanted a Lego so very much.

And here is one of four collectible covers featuring the King himself, Thorin, on the special Inside The Hobbit issue of Entertainment Weekly. Mine should be in my box on Friday. Typically print subscribers get a copy with the collectible covers included. *squee*

Looking fierce, Mr. Armitage!

Looking fierce, Mr. Armitage!

And—-I finally got to see Richard on American TV! In a brief but adorable interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee on TODAY, Richard looked marvelous (Lucas in Guy black). He’s absolutely breathtaking in High Definition.  I recorded it on my DVR and I’ve rewatched it, oh–a few times. He get to see him drink wine and in full flirty-girty Lee mode, too (channeling all sorts of characters, it seems). We also see what a good, compassionate heart he has. *sigh*

Here’s the link to the YouTube upload.

And now, the latest post–featuring that beautiful young prince named Thorin. O. M. G.

Wow, just wow. What a morning, my darlings! What a morning!

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  1. I really can’t take much more-the man is going to have to shack up with some wildy age inappropriate starlet or prove to be an ax murderer soon, or I am going to need and RA intervention if I hope to remain rational 🙂

  2. It’s so weird to see him doing big talk shows in the US now! I’m so happy for him! (Although now the WHOLE WORLD will fall in love with him, just like Kathy Lee Gifford just did!!!)

    • I know, Nat. I sat there recording it on the DVR and thinking, “Hay, he’s on TV HERE. Cool!!” I think if you had every female talk show host interview him, they’d all be starry-eyed afterwards. How could they help it?? (Although he certainly seems to impress the guys, too. I just love seeing that sweetly flirtatious side slipping out with the gals.)

      And yes, the man who can turn on the whole world with a smile even better than Mary Tyler Moore used to do 😉 is about the conquer the world!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I’m almost running out of superlatives after days and days of seeing new pictures, watching interviews, reading reviews etc. I don’t think we have EVER seen so much of Richard before – NOT that I’m complaining of course! It’s almost like being swamped by one gigantic wave after another, yet the water is warm and I’m very happy to be here! 😉

    I just wish I could have understood all of what Hoda and Kathy Lee were saying. I caught some of it but I think they must have been rather excited when they were talking to him (and who could blame them) and being in such close proximity to this gorgeous hunk of a man! Do people still use the word “hunk” BTW? If anyone can “translate” I’d be really grateful. Is it just me or was there was a little touch of Lucas in the outfit today – even, dare I say, S9 – with the hoodie he was wearing?

    • Teuchter, give me some time (I have to break away to do some RL stuff) and I will do a transcript for you. This will force me, of course, to sit and rewatch this several times on the big screen TV in high definition. However, I am always one who is willing to *cough* take one for the team. I would definitely say a touch of Lucas via S9 along with Guy with the head-to-toe black, plus a bit of our flirty-girty Lee. It was all good!!

      • That will be great Angie! I know it’s a hardship to have to rewatch, but I think you have the stamina for it and as you said, “take one for the team. 😉 It WAS all good wasn’t it? I’m still trying to process that first picture. *swoon* Just to share a laugh – the first three letters of my email address are coi and I have more than once lately typed cou! Freudian slip perhaps? 😀

  4. I just don’t know if I can cope with this much longer, him being what he is. I’ve really run out of superlatives. When I went to bed yesterday, I just started crying without any warning. Tears were really pouring. It was because the sheer joy and my being so deeply emotional about all things Richard during the past week.

    I haven’t had time to digest but a small part of all this yet. Luckily, tomorrow will be our Independence Day and I will have a bit more time for Richarding. Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my discovering Richard, which also makes me very happy.

    He certainly can cope with it all just fine. This is one of the main reasons why I am being so emotional. I am so very, very proud and happy for him.

    • It is an awful lot to take in, isn’t it? To just have re-affirmed over and over what a truly lovely, special, darling human being he really is. It’s OK to be emotional about it, too, I think. I suspect more than one of us has shed some tears of excitement and joy over this. And I am sure the anniversary milestone might have had an effect on making you even more emotional. *hugs*

  5. I got quite a kick watching the people outside who were behind Richard. I have no doubt there were quite a few Armitage fans there! Wish we could read the signs they were carrying!! 🙂

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