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As promised to Teuchter, here’s the written transcript to Richard’s chat with the girls on the TODAY show in NYC.  Was forced to watch repeatedly to make sure it was accurate. Such a chore, but I’m that kind of a self-sacrificing person. *cough*

I don’t have any screencaps of it, so I’ll just toss photo in because I LIKE IT.


Richard’s interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee on TODAY transcript

Kathie Lee: “If you were a fan of The Lord of the Rings, and who wasn’t, then you probably can’t contain your excitement waiting for the prequel to that fantasy film.”

Hoda: “Peter Jackson’s latest trilogy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey returns to Middle-Earth and Richard Armitage plays Thorin Oakenshield who wants to reclaim his land for his people.”

Kathie Lee: “Good for him!” (Richard laughs off-camera.)

Hoda: “Let’s take a look-see.” (shows clip of film)

Hoda: “Oh, oh–” (points at Richard) “That was you--”

(A grinning Richard raises his wine glass as she speaks) “Cheers!”  (he takes a drink and one of the ladies says, “I like you!”)

Hoda and Kathie Lee: “Down the hatch!”

Hoda: “That was delicious. (Richard makes face) How was that?”

Richard: (grimacing a little) “ You know, I’ve just brushed my teeth. I didn’t know if I’d be making out with you, so I brushed my teeth.”

(I think Hoda heard him say this and laughed, not sure it registered with Kathie)

Kathie Lee: (reaches out and pats him) “Thank you for being here.”

Richard: “Thank you.”

Hoda: “So you are six foot two at least, you seemed when you stood–”

Richard: “Yeah, about six two and a half.”

Hoda: And you play the leader of the dwarves. How did that work out?”

Kathie Lee: “That must have been an interesting casting call.”

Richard: “The phone call was very, very confusing and so I walked around my living room with bent knees and hunched back wondering ‘What’s he gonna do?’ And then of course, you realize Peter Jackson is a digital genius and he’d do all the work and I would focus on the script and the scene they gave me and went and met him.”

Kathie Lee: “Can you explain just a little bit how that’s done, the CGI, because you work a lot in front of a green screen, right?”

Richard: Yeah, in order to make us smaller they kind of make us look bigger. The thing is, if you shrink a person, they tend to look like a child and he wanted us to look like thick-set warriors and so we have on muscle suits beneath and big boots-”

Hoda: “You had a brush with the Hobbit when you were just a little boy, didn’t you—a long, long time ago. Tell us about that.”

Richard: “It was an equally high-profile production at the Alex Theatre in Birmingham-”

Kathie Lee: “That’s Birmingham, England, not Alabama.”

Richard: “Yeah, yeah, England. I was 13. Gollum was made out of paper and they didn’t have any money for a dragon, so he was made out of a red light and a puff of smoke–”

Kathie Lee: “Hey, that’s why we love thee-ater.”

Richard: “Yeah. Theatre. And actually I was an elf. I remember spinning around in circles eating grapes trying to tempt the dwarves into the forest.”

Kathie Lee: “Was that your first falling in love with the magic of acting? Was that your first role?”

Richard: “You know, when I trace it back and I look at the way I read that book I feel like it developed my imagination and you know the imagination is the thing that carries you through and it’s the reason why I became an actor, because I had a vivid imagination and I wanted to realize that.”

Kathie Lee: “What a full circle story that is, it’s amazing.”

Hoda: “Now, the LOTR trilogy, The Hobbit is the prequel to that. What do people need to know in case they haven’t seen the other three?”

Richard: “Absolutely nothing. I always felt like the Trilogy was like blood vessels that feed TH and there’s oxygen kind of flowing between the two ideas and there are cast members from both films that kind of appear together, So that for those who don’t know the trilogy it’s a new experience, for those that do, there are familiar faces.”

Kathie Lee: “So were you in NZ for 18 months, as is Peter’s habit, he shoots all three of the films at the same time?”

(Richard nods in agreement). “Yeah, 278 filming days.”

Hoda: “Are you kidding?

Richard:  That’s enough for sort of four movies, really.”

Kathie Lee: “So the next time you get a dwarf script, I bet you’re just gonna say, been there, done that.”

Richard: (laughs) Yeah, I know that’s what I’ve thought about, thanks.”

Kathie Lee: “So what do you have next? What’s in the–”

Richard: “I’ve just wrapped a movie called Black Sky which we shot in Detroit, which is a disaster movie about a tornado and it’s all found footage. And so it was a really interesting experience. It was James Cameron’s protege, Stephen Quayle, that shot it.” Hoda: “And what’s your role in that?”

Richard: “I play a school teacher who loses his son in the storm and has to go in search of him.”

Hoda: “Oh, OK.”

Kathie Lee: “Well, it’s a delight to meet you.”

Hoda: “Yeah, you’re so sweet.”

Kathie Lee: “We were a little afraid. You know, a very fine English actor type. What would you have in common with us? Wine!! So nice to meet you. All the best-”

Richard: “Can I say just one thing? Eileen Moran, who was one of the executive producers at Weta, she lost her battle with ovarian cancer Monday, so I’d like to send my personal condolences to her family.”

Kathie Lee and Hoda: “Oh, sure, sure. That is so sweet.”

Kathie Lee: (pointing at Richard) “I’m in love with him. He’s a doll.”

Hoda: “Me, too.”

Kathie Lee: “All the best. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in theatres December 14.”

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  1. Thank you so much! I do hope that you didn’t find “taking one for the team” too arduous. 😉 Who am I kidding!! I bet you loved every minute of it! 🙂

    Your transcript really did help though, in all seriousness. I’ve since watched it a couple of times and now understand all of it. I can’t believe I missed him saying he didn’t know if he’d be making out with them! SUCH a charmer and definitely flirty! His naughty side in action I think! 😉

    • Benny came in whilst I was in the midst of it and he actually watched the last part of the interview. Then just gave me “that” look. LOL

      Well, with them chattering and him speaking in a more low tone there it could have been easy to miss that little gem. 😉 I think he must have gotten a good night’s sleep. He looked so youthful in those clothes and and that huge grin when he said “cheers”–oh, just gorgeous. Absolutely.

      • I can imagine Benny’s look! LOL! He certainly did look VERY gorgeous. 😉

        BTW – have you heard if there was anyone from “our little community” in the crowd outside? A lot of them looked pretty excited and who wouldn’t be in their place. 😀

        • No, I haven’t heard about anyone being there. I think no one actually knew for sure if or when he’d be on, to tell you the truth. Someone in a different time zone mentioned he was on and I was certain I had missed it, and then realized there were in the eastern time zone. So I breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed the satellite remote so I could record it. They had announced earlier about Elijah being on, but nothing about RA until the segment was almost on air. They’ll learn better! 😉

  2. Thank you so much for the translation Angie !
    Am I alone in hating these TV Shows and superficial promotional interviews and finding these women vulgar and RA so classy !!!
    Love the picture with little Thorin Lego and the sexy Dwarf !

    • No, you’re not alone. I find that many American talk show hosts devolve into silliness and vulgarity in the attempt to “keep it light and fun.” I have seen what Leno and Letterman have done to guests who could have been interesting and articulate, but were never given the chance. Instead the host was crass and superficial, and talked over the guest.

        • Yes — it’s not all about the hosts, it’s about the guest — and they seem to forget this, if they ever knew it. People tune in for the guest, not for self-absorbed, self-aggrandising host who only uses the guest to promote his/her own agenda. David Frost was a good interviewer, and people could learn a lot from him.

    • You’re welcome, I knew it would probably help others, too. Richard remains his gorgeous, classy self no matter how idiotic the situation, thank goodness. Yes, that photo is just made of ymmmmmm. Manages to be cute, adorable and sexy all at once.

  3. Thanks, Angie! It must have been difficult having to listen to all of that gushing! I think we have two converts.
    Nadia and Leigh I agree with you! That’s why I don’t watch those shows! The host are sooo irritating! But I’ll make any sacrifice to see our fella shine!

    • You gals are absolutely right about these talk shows. I don’t watch them either. It’s public radio and TV for me. I can’t stand commercials and prefer more in-depth interviews. I would love to see RA on the Charlie Rose Show. He has his guests so up close and gives them at least twenty minutes. But the show would have to come with a health warning!

      • Your sacrifice is truly appreciated, you know. I’m not sure I would have the fortitude, but as you say, it’s strictly for RA.

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