Richard Armitage: Goodness Gracious!! (new fanvid)


Actually, it’s a couple of weeks old, but it took a while to get the thing loaded (once again, thank you, Benny). Be sure and watch on highest quality setting available and *WARNING. VIDEO CONTAINS FLASHING EFFECTS* Also contains a lot of images of gorgeous Richard Armitage. That requires a warning label in and of itself. It’s a rockin’ homage to our lovely lad’s sexy ChaRActers.

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  1. “Goodness gracious” doesn’t begin to describe my reaction to this new video! I love Dolly’s version of the song I have to say. Mind you, I think you are trying to kill us with all the gorgeousness! 😉 It sure needs to come with those two health warning labels! 😀

    • You know, I really like Dolly anyway–she may look like a walking cartoon but she has such a lovely sense of humor about it all–and this was the only version of the Jerry Lee Lewis song I could find with a female vocal. And I loved it!

      Some people have an adverse effect to the strobe-type lights, so I figured I’d better post a warning. But yeah, RA always needs a health warning! 😉

  2. Yes, thanks for the warning. At some frequencies, flashing lights are one of my migraine triggers, but this was fine. Well, more than fine — great! I love Dolly’s delivery, and I can never get enough of Richard.

    • Yes, I thought of that, and also it’s been known to trigger epileptic seizures, if I am not mistaken, Glad you had no trouble. I didn’t even think about it until I finished making the darned thing. But I loved the effect with the driving beat of the music.

      Dolly has that feisty edge that works great for the song. And I bet if she saw RA she’d agree with us this song is perfect. 😉

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