Another interview with RA from Toronto/NYC fanart


These just keep popping up. Does it feel as if that drought was a l-o-o-ng time ago now? We certainly can’t complain about not enough RA now, can we? RA finally gets interviewed by someone who is actually taller than he is. Cute exchange at the end. And had some fanart fun with flirtatious Armitage from TODAY>










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  1. Lovely fan art, as always, I love it!! Yes, Kathie… hands off! He’s already taken by the RArmy girls! 😀
    I love the one of him drinking… Do I see John Mulligan coming through…?
    Great post, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    • Yeah, he’s ours and we aren’t all that willing to share, are we? 😉 I couldn’t help but think of Mulligan giving her those teasing glances over the rim of his wine glass.

  2. Delicious post! You really got him with the art. He is so adorable when he’s flirting.

    In that one shot where she puts her hand on his, I think she really was reaching for his leg — naughty Kathie! She can join the RArmy if she wants, but we have seniority.

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