Behind the scenes with RA: New Warners Vid & Screencaps



ETA: Looks like they’ve pulled the video, sorry. Anyway, enjoy the screencaps, not going to remove them unless specifically asked to.

Here’s a new 13-minute behind-the-scenes video provided by Warner Brothers Belgium. There are a lot of spoilers, new movie clips and commentary from actors. Enjoy a few screencaps from RANet of our darling Richard displaying his usual focus and intensity.




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  1. Oh too bad they pulled it!! I guess I just have to wait until the movie opens to hear the singing unless someone managed to upload it somehow BEFORE they pulled it! 🙂 However the pictures are great in themselves. 😀

    • You only hear a tiny bit of the singing, they have that brief glimpse of the guys in the studio singing and then it cuts to the scene in the film. But there’s some great shots of young Thorin in action in the video if you don’t mind spoilers. I actually did download before they pulled it but I can’t load it from here anyway and it could get me into trouble with YT if I could. I thought the screencaps from RANet were still worth the post. 😉

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