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Mr. Armitage, you’re so much fun to play with



Your images, that is, of course. I never seem to tire of it, and what a bonanza you’ve given us of late!








Read Zan’s amusing and delightful account of her adventures with Armitage!

Well, There You Go ...

This was originally going to be just one post.  But, well, I started remembering more … and it grew.  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is below. 😉


Sorry to leave you hanging like that.  So, where was I … oh yes, seating …

The picture below (courtesy of AndersonCooper.com) shows the area where we were seated, there along the right edge halfway down.

Anderson Live seating

I was seated at the end, on the aisle between us and the next section of seats.  Judiang seated next to me.  And our acquaintance seated next to her.

After we were all seated, the floor director kept us entertained with “contests” and “interviews” and directions on how the show works.  She specifically pointed out the microphones scattered throughout the room at ceiling level.  “Just remember that anything you say can be heard,” she directed.  Good advice!

She also told us to…

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Glamour Armitage: The Hottest Guy on Earth (Period)


The UK edition of one of my old favs, Glamour Magazine, has an interview with our lovely fellow in their January 2013 issue, including some delicious photos shot in NYC. And there’s also an iPad interview and a short video for those subscribers possessing said gadget.

This photo just rocks my world.

I love the composition of it. The triangle of his body replicated by the triangular pose of that long, lean leg, the muscular thigh and calf fully evident and testing the seams of his trousers. Once again, those bared forearms revealing that lovely arm hair I always want to stroke.  The beauty of that hand. Please, somebody sculpt this man.  The face, well illuminated, that slight furrow between his brows, the parted lips, the keen look of concentration in those blue eyes. Please, somebody paint this man.


And I like the outfit, too. Mr. A, love you in vests (waistcoats). You are indeed the hottest man, not just in Middle-Earth, but the planet. The universe!
Here’s a link to Mr. Armitage in action from that iPad edition: http://dessine–moi-un-mouton.tumblr.com/post/37407300554/richard-armitage-for-glamour-uk-ipad-edition-part These are mesmerizing. Who knew watching a man adjust his coat as he walks could be so fascinating?

Our ever-helpful Ali at RANet also offers links on the home page to scans of the print edition article and photos in their gallery:


Here’s a taste of what you’ll find~




Oh, you will likely recognise references to two rock stars of the RA fandom in the Glamour article. I have certainly enjoyed their wonderful work. 😀

Guyday Friday: Don’t You Forget about Me


The CReAtor is getting loads of attention–and rightfully so–as he continues to wow us all with his charm, beauty, humor and insight into his craft and roles as the clock counts down to the release of The Hobbit. The new Glamour UK layout is absolutely to die for. I am sure I will be sharing some more CReAtor Yumminess a little later.

But–it is the day primarily dedicated to a certain TDHSBK here at TAE. So Sir Guy is gruffly reminding his devoted fans–“Don’t you forget about me.” As if!  So here’s a little Guy humor and Guy hotness.







One last round of Movie Star RA for Today



Some images of Richard from Thursday night’s NY premiere of The Hobbit.  He was sporting a three-piece blue-grey and taupe plaid suit with a crisp white shirt and sapphire blue tie. The colors really brought out the blue in those gorgeous eyes. He looked the very proper and handsome English gent. I saw a touch of Cary Grant again.

Unfortunately, there was no live streaming and if it weren’t for the fans and some of the blogsites there tweeting updates, we’d have been in the dark concerning the evening.  Several RA fans who had braved hours in the cold were rewarded when they got some autographs (and a few got pix). Alas, they were rushing the celebs along and they didn’t have much time to interact with the fans.

Those who did get to see/meet him sound pretty starry-eyed! Judging by these photos, it’s so easy to understand exactly why. And I have already re-blogged Frenz’s post featuring the brief video footage she shot of our gorgeous guy, so be certain you check it out.

Apparently the rest of the dwarves were all friendly and personable. I just wish they’d been given a–I don’t know–showier reception.  It was, as Janine said, an unexpected letdown after all the excitement of Wellington and Japan. Apparently, there wasn’t even a red carpet and Franny described the entrance to the theatre as looking like an alley way . . . oh, well. I am certain London will make up for it.

The cast is supposed to be interviewed by Ann Curry on the TODAY show Friday morning. I’ve got the DVR set up to record. I enjoyed Ann’s interview with Sir Peter on Rock Center Thursday night. One or two behind-the-scenes glimpses of RA were also seen. I have to say I love PJ more than ever! What a delightful man. I am so glad Richard had the opportunity to work with a director of his caliber. They make a great team!