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Well, There You Go ...

This was originally going to be just one post.  But, well, I started remembering more … and it grew.  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is below. 😉


Sorry to leave you hanging like that.  So, where was I … oh yes, seating …

The picture below (courtesy of shows the area where we were seated, there along the right edge halfway down.

Anderson Live seating

I was seated at the end, on the aisle between us and the next section of seats.  Judiang seated next to me.  And our acquaintance seated next to her.

After we were all seated, the floor director kept us entertained with “contests” and “interviews” and directions on how the show works.  She specifically pointed out the microphones scattered throughout the room at ceiling level.  “Just remember that anything you say can be heard,” she directed.  Good advice!

She also told us to…

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