Glamour Armitage: The Hottest Guy on Earth (Period)


The UK edition of one of my old favs, Glamour Magazine, has an interview with our lovely fellow in their January 2013 issue, including some delicious photos shot in NYC. And there’s also an iPad interview and a short video for those subscribers possessing said gadget.

This photo just rocks my world.

I love the composition of it. The triangle of his body replicated by the triangular pose of that long, lean leg, the muscular thigh and calf fully evident and testing the seams of his trousers. Once again, those bared forearms revealing that lovely arm hair I always want to stroke.  The beauty of that hand. Please, somebody sculpt this man.  The face, well illuminated, that slight furrow between his brows, the parted lips, the keen look of concentration in those blue eyes. Please, somebody paint this man.


And I like the outfit, too. Mr. A, love you in vests (waistcoats). You are indeed the hottest man, not just in Middle-Earth, but the planet. The universe!
Here’s a link to Mr. Armitage in action from that iPad edition: http://dessine– These are mesmerizing. Who knew watching a man adjust his coat as he walks could be so fascinating?

Our ever-helpful Ali at RANet also offers links on the home page to scans of the print edition article and photos in their gallery:

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find~




Oh, you will likely recognise references to two rock stars of the RA fandom in the Glamour article. I have certainly enjoyed their wonderful work. 😀

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  1. Haven’t picked myself off the floor yet after seeing the top picture. *swoooooooon* Comments later. 😉

    Please pass the oxygen . . . . . .

    • Oh, they do indeed. Back when I had one (lean torso, I mean) I loved vests myself. But not as much as I love seeing him in them, of course, 😉 I have often looked at other men in this type of fashion layout and wished for Mr. A to do one, too. Whoopee! He’s got the look . . .

  2. OMG stop Angie you said too much !!! He is soooooooooooo .. you know what !!!!!!!
    I read some French reviews about the Hobbit and about Thorin-Armitage a word often used is “charismatique”

  3. WOW Angie gorgeous pictures just finished work and was feeling a bit stressed but OMG I feel soo much better now after picking myself up off the floor. I just love all these waistcoats they do so suit him. What a title for the piece as well I definately concur!!!

  4. Slightly less woozy so just a quick comment before I go out for lunch with a friend – female btw. In the first tumblr pic where he seems to be appearing out of the smoke/steam and pulling on the coat – *guh* – my first thought was, “Lucas – resurrected!!”

    On where you can ENLARGE the pictures I think my heart just skipped a beat – or maybe several – when I first saw it. Talk about a giddy teenager!! I couldn’t stop grinning!! If my back wasn’t hurting today I think I would literally have been doing a happy dance all round the place. I really am at a loss to describe what the top picture does to me. Actually, it’s maybe better that I DON’T share my thoughts! 😉

  5. 😀 Finally, our beautiful gem has a proper luminarie! What a treat for eyes 🙂 exuisite!.. especially from the profile 😉 Thanks Angie!

  6. Trying to breathe here *fans herself* When the first photo scrolled into view “OMG” was uttered quite loudly…my heart still hasn’t returned to normal. It’s difficult to find enough superlatives for this beautiful, beautiful man. Thanks Angie! I’m off to RANet. 😀

  7. Well that is tomorrow sorted out – i will be touring the newsagents of Sydney to see if any of them stock Glamour.

    I’m hard pressed to pick my favourite – but the shoe lace tying ‘thigh shot’ is a hot contender..


    • I don’t think i have been this impressed by a thigh since i read that England Rugby Captain Will Carling couldn’t cross his legs.

      I have found a newsagent in Sydney who stocks Glamour. He wasn’t keen on me reserving the January edition – he was trying to reassure me he wouldn’t sell out as he gets seven in. Clearly he doesn’t know what’s in it. I’m going to have to stake out the shop….

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