Guyday Friday: Don’t You Forget about Me


The CReAtor is getting loads of attention–and rightfully so–as he continues to wow us all with his charm, beauty, humor and insight into his craft and roles as the clock counts down to the release of The Hobbit. The new Glamour UK layout is absolutely to die for. I am sure I will be sharing some more CReAtor Yumminess a little later.

But–it is the day primarily dedicated to a certain TDHSBK here at TAE. So Sir Guy is gruffly reminding his devoted fans–“Don’t you forget about me.” As if!  So here’s a little Guy humor and Guy hotness.







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  1. Happy Guyday Friday, everyone! I could never forget you, Guy. That extra pan of brownies I baked this morning has your name on them, and I’ve been thinking about sharing a goblet of mulled wine all day. Mmmmm

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