RA Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Rich is a treasure


653433316sza(These are gleamed from Richard’s recent photo shoots, candids and various interviews and appearances tied to The Hobbit.  Sources include Richard Armitage Net, RA Central and the Russian RA site.)

Oh, Richard, what a lovely fellow you are. Looking so sharp in your new outfits–wearing them instead of them wearing you, as Servetus might say–looking polished and confident, exuding good humor and that thoughtfulness that never fails to impress me. You seem to grow more handsome by the day, and yet remain that modest and humble boy-next-door sort we all adore so much.

I would say you are a right old treasure, my dear Richard.






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  1. Yes, a wonderful treasure. So nice to see him looking so good, smiling so much with such obvious pleasure. I hope his newfound fame won’t cramp his style too much.

    I have been reading The Hobbit and enjoying it. It’s a classic i missed but my older son loved. Only a week to go now. I have been scouting out venues. One of the advantages of living in the Washington DC area is that TH will be shown in IMAX just around the Beltway at the Udvar-Hazy Space Museum of the Smithsonian in Virginia. A neighborhood theater in Columbia MD will show it in 3D. I will have to remember to limit fluids beforehand.

    • I just love seeing him looking so well and obviously enjoying himself. I like to think he will continue to handle it all with great aplomb.

      LOL about the fluids. Yes, I will have to make similar plans before I go to see it in 3D on the 16th. 😉

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