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A friendly reminder . . . rearview video project


As you may recall, I posted a while back (see the link below for all the details) about a Richard Armitage fanvideo project I wanted to undertake celebrating the Divine Derriere of a certain TDHBEW. What with RL (including the dying laptop) and all the Hobbit/holiday hoopla going on, I haven’t made as much progress as hoped.

However, rest assured it is still in my plans; it just may not be ready for Christmas as I had desired. But then, Mr. Armitage’s bodacious backside is something wonderful to celebrate any old time of the year, n’est-ce pas?

If there are screencaps/photos of Mr. A/his characters that you would like to see considered for the “Richie Got Back” fanvideo and you haven’t contacted me yet, please let me know.



One of our regular blog commenters, Obscura, in a wonderful guest post at Servetu’s blog. Enjoy~~

Me + Richard Armitage

I’m Obscura. I’m a relative newcomer to the world of Richard Armitage. Like Servetus, I teach university level history; unlike Servetus, I was not trained as an historian, but as an archaeologist, a related but distinct discipline. The historians I work with put up with me graciously, though. Some of what drew me to me + richardarmitage was a certain affinity of thought.

Like many of us, I think, my life is divided into a number of separate pursuits. I’ll call them worlds. The only thing that connects some of my worlds is my presence in both. I am a professor, so I have an academic world. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother — my family world. Christian worship is an active part of my life, a practice that defines my church world. I was born and raised in…

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