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No spoilers here if you’ve seen Misty Mountain scene–HD vid exclusive to TORn, very, very moving.

Well, There You Go ...

How can just over a minute and a half have such a profound effect on me?  Mr. A’s voice, yes, I’ll cop to loving that rumbling, deep, enveloping sound.  But the whole mood of the scene is overwhelming … heaven help me, I may need tissues in the theatre.

Well done, Sir Peter and your minions.  Well done!

Is it Saturday yet?

Thanks to TheOneRing.net for the amazing video

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Feeling festive again!


I know some of my RA friends. including our own dear Judit, are going to be in London for tomorrow night’s big premiere of The Hobbit.  My fellow blogger, Seba aka gisbornesboy, is in a theatre in Stockholm (?) Sweden right now totally enraptured, I am certain.

The fantastic story is unfolding before him and Richard stands larger than life as Thorin, that deep, chocolatey voice resonating through the theatre. It must seem like Christmas has arrived a couple of weeks early.  I wish everyone participating in red carpet/premiere activities tonight and tomorrow a wonderful time. What a holiday season this one has already been for Richard Armitage/Tolkien fans!  Truly it helps make our spirits bright . . .



Hopefully this gif works. Click on it if it doesn't.

Hopefully this gif works. Click on it if it doesn’t.