Feeling festive again!


I know some of my RA friends. including our own dear Judit, are going to be in London for tomorrow night’s big premiere of The Hobbit.  My fellow blogger, Seba aka gisbornesboy, is in a theatre in Stockholm (?) Sweden right now totally enraptured, I am certain.

The fantastic story is unfolding before him and Richard stands larger than life as Thorin, that deep, chocolatey voice resonating through the theatre. It must seem like Christmas has arrived a couple of weeks early.  I wish everyone participating in red carpet/premiere activities tonight and tomorrow a wonderful time. What a holiday season this one has already been for Richard Armitage/Tolkien fans!  Truly it helps make our spirits bright . . .



Hopefully this gif works. Click on it if it doesn't.

Hopefully this gif works. Click on it if it doesn’t.



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  1. Oh, these are darling! The gifs work beautifully. Richard can get me in a festive mood alright. Just the thought that Storyteller Santa might deliver is enough to get those “visions of sugarplums” dancing. *fantasy of dancing the Snow Queen to Richard’s Snow King in the pas de deux from the “Nutcracker”*

    • Glad you enjoyed. 😀 Yeah, I have more fun Christmas gifs coming up. 😀 Storyteller Santa is just so irresistible. That smile and the twinkle in those beautiful blue eyes. *thud* Richard has the qualities to make a lovely Santa. Kind, jovial, generous. 😉 A lovely HOT Santa.

  2. Dear Fedoralady, This is my first time commenting on your blog. My mum has improved very much now and is very excited for me today. Its Freezing here in London, but I’m sure that this evening when I see Richard I will be quite warm. Looking forward to meeting Judit. If you don’t mind I will pop back and let you know, how it all went off. Thank You.

    • Lovely to see you here, June, and welcome! So glad to hear your mum has improved and can enjoy this for you. 😀 I will look forward greatly to hearing of your adventures. Hope you and Judit have a truly wonderful, unforgettable time of it! Have fun!!

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