It was a dReAm of a day, really.


I started off this morning with a dream about Richard Armitage. I kept floating in and out of consciousness. My conscious mind kept telling my unconscious mind to take over again because, quite frankly,  I didn’t want the dream to end. Richard was wearing his Glamour UK photo spread outfit. He never took off a single piece of clothing but it was an incredibly. sexy. dream.  Oh, Richard–you do know how to stir a woman.

Literally, my dream man this morning.

Literally, my dream man this morning.

I’d had a night where pain mimicking an unhappy gall bladder kept me awake longer than I’d hoped (couldn’t have been the gall bladder since I haven’t possessed one for years and the pain was on the wrong side of the body anyway). Let’s say that dream was very, very welcome.

And it was just the beginning of welcome events. I opened up my e-mail and discovered my dear friend Leigh was going to get to see The Hobbit in English after all!  A couple of days ago it appeared as if it just wasn’t going to happen. Now it seems she and Noemi will see Thorin in all his big screen glory in lovely Sevilla next week.  Happy, happy, joy, joy indeed!

And then before you know it ( I had slept in rather late) I was tuning in to the live stream from the red  green carpet in London. And it was working. OK, the picture quality wasn’t great, but the lack of stutters and almost non-existent buffering was simply heavenly for me. I was seeing and hearing what fellow RA aficionados on Twitter were with no delays or missing pieces. Hurray!

Of course, I was simply dying to see our Richard . . . and he was drop-dead gorgeous, too.  I loved his latest designer threads, an impeccably tailored tux with a shawl collar, crisp white pleated shirt and nice, big bow tie (as the latest incarnation of Doctor Who will tell you, bow ties are cool).


Judiang loved it so much she named the tux Francois. I simply call it devastating. Mr. Movie Star.

We got a nice interview with some new tidbits–a little longer than some of the other actors got, I do believe–with the emcee Alex Dane. And we discovered RA had a dream last night, too, although his was all about getting lost and not being able to find the premiere venue. Bless his heart.

Well, you did find it, RA, and this night was all true. You may not be a great warrior or noble dwarf, but you are an incredible actor, lovely man and undeniably a movie star, my dear.

A98HzxlCAAIDyK4.jpg largedd

And then Richard stood in that long, long line of folks who got to shake hands and chat with royalty–Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

As with everyone else, I longed to know just what the Handsome Prince of Players and the Handsome Prince talked about.


I was so proud of Richard in that moment I could not resist shedding a few tears. It didn’t help matters any when I realized that sweet-looking white-haired lady standing behind him bore a striking resemblance to Richard. Yup, it would appear his mum was there for that unforgettable moment.

I thought of my mother’s own beautiful silver-white locks, and how I enjoyed taking her to special events with me. Of how proud she was of my accomplishments, which were chicken feed compared to Richard’s. And so I cried some more–tears of remembrance, of joy and gratitude for Richard and his family and this celebratory occasion. I’m just a big ol’ sentimental fool.


Set created by Morrighan's Muse

Set created by Morrighan’s Muse

Visit to get a link to a video of RA meeting Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

What an amazing two weeks you’ve had, my dear Richard. You’ve globe-trotted around this world, done umpteen interviews, been asked some of the same questions just a little too often, yet always managed to remain patient, modest, good-humoured and gentlemanly about it all.  And how could you look so fresh at times on what had to be insufficient sleep? And when you’ve shown us your flirtatious side–oh, mercy me!!

You’ve dazzled us with your designer duds, you clotheshorse, you. You’ve worn the clothes, they haven’t worn you, and you were polished, confident, elegant and yet edgy. We couldn’t look away. But then, why would we want to?

Oh, yes, Mr. A, more and more people are taking notice, taking an interest in you. There’s a good reason my viewing numbers shot up more than 45 percent, why your rank at IMDB keeps rising; the world is finally waking up to the gem that is Richard Armitage.

I know your family has to be immensely proud of you. I know I am.

Oh, and one more thing–I also won four IMAX tickets via Twitter and Air New Zealand today and the vouchers don’t expire until Dec. 31, 2013.  So it really has been a great day for this RA fan. I hope yours has been, too.

(And Richard, if you’d like to revisit my dreams tonight, please, be my guest.)

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  1. Please, oh *please* Richard – could you just pop into my dreams too, even for a moment or two?? 🙂 I promise to comment some more on this post of Angie’s! 😀

  2. Thank you, Angie – a lovely little “talk with Richard”! And congratulations on winning those tickets. You can keep 2 for you and Benny to see the second movie next year!

    • Thanks. 😀 Yeah, I just entered on a lark, never thinking I’d be lucky enough to win, you know? I just hope we can find a showing that isn’t sold out in Birmingham! That’s where my oldest sis lives. We’ve already got tickets to see it in regular 3D Sunday afternoon in Prattville. I am thinking about going to Greenville Friday and seeing it in 2D on my own. Get some squeeing out of the way, maybe.

  3. I’ve just noticed the time on this comment! I hope you can get some sleep tonight and the pain doesn’t re-appear. ‘night, ‘night

    • Well, Benny had this new laptop for a while tonight doing some installations of some of my video software, so I got a bit behind. The old computer is so maddening to use.

      That’s why I was so late posting this. 😉 The pain in the side seems to have largely subsided and I’ve got extra covers on the bed. It’s dropping below freezing tonight with close to 100 percent humidity. Not kind to FMS. Hopefully, I will get some good sleep. 😀

      • I hope you get some decent sleep, too. I’m glad the pain in your side has sunsided; you had me worried there. Old rib fracture or pleurisy scarring maybe? No, the freezing fog thing with the high humidity gripes the FMS something fierce. You know what to do. My thoughts are with you.

        • Slept in again this morning after having some difficulty getting to sleep. Miss Thumper did join me for most of the night. The chilly weather has something to do with that. 😉 Not sure what was causing the pain, not in the right place for the pleurisy adhesions or that old rib fracture. Anyway, thankfully it has subsided. I’ve been trying to stay warm and stay out of that kind of weather. I was out for a few minutes the other day and paid for it. Thanks for your kind thoughts, my dear friends.

  4. What a great post, Angie. Glad to see you back. All day I kept checking, and no Angie. Bummer! I figured you were either feeling really bad or too busy keeping up with all these premieres and interviews. Not far off there. And yes, you are a very lovely sentimental ol’ fool! And not the only one, either!

    It was big stuff in London. So wonderful to see our boy in such company. But then, I’m an American and not much impressed by royalty. The real royalty, well earned, is pictured on this blog, always in front of me as I type. He is THE hottest man on any planet, the most lovely, heartwarming, ne plus ultra person I have ever known, I don’t care what silly poll says otherwise. The more I see of him, the more I find to admire, the more corroboration I find for what I already do admire. I’m hooked!

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed. 😀 Yeah, I got off to a late start yesterday and then got caught up in all the premiere madness. And my head and heart felt so full I just couldn’t seem to collect my thoughts until late last night. I was surprised to see how high my numbers were even though I had not posted anything! So somebody was definitely stopping in. 😉 The more you see and learn of him, the more you want to see and learn of him and the more you adore him. *sigh* That’s the Armitage Effect.

  5. Yes, happy, happy, joy, joy *grinning before coffee*, *ludicrous happy dance*. I will say a big THANK YOU here to a certain someone who made my wish come true; you know who you are.

  6. WOW Angie congrats on winning your tickets. This is a lovely post Richard sometimes frequents my dreams and I always feel warm & cuddly inside the next day. Didn’t he look soooo handsome last night? His mom must be so so proud of him, starring in the biggest film of the year and meeting the future King of England. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    • Thanks! I don’t dream about him often but I cherish every dream that I do have about him. As I’ve said, they are usually funny/absurd/whimsical. This one was just–sexxxxxxy. So I felt quite warm but not in the usual sense of warm and cuddly. 😉 He looked absolutely gorgeous and quite princely last night. Mum had to be overflowing with pride in her boy. 😀

  7. I was so sad and happy yesterday. Sad because when we arrived at the cinema we were told that they had technical problems and the film would be shown in 3D and not in 48fps ! Besides the film was projected in a smaller room and there were only more or less forty spectators !
    Happy because I saw the Hobbit in VO and King Richard was amazing. The last sequence was breathtaking and brought tears in my eyes. I also saw the red carpet live stream and OMG he was gorgeous in his tux ! Today I feel like I have a hangover !!!

    Here’s another interview from allociné

    Copy/past of an extract from a review in the Figaro
    “Les nains ont fait forte impression auprès du public féminin. Le beau Legolas n’a plus la cote, les filles n’ont d’yeux que pour Thorin et Kili. «Je ne pensais pas dire un jour que je verrais un nain sexy. Mais hier j’en ai vu deux. #TheHobbit #Thorin #Kili», confie amoureusement alice_cheaster. “

    • Well, it’s a shame you couldn’t see in HFR but it sounds as if you thoroughly enjoyed the movie, nonetheless. 😀 We’ll be seeing in regular 3D on Sunday. Still hoping to see it in 2D tomorrow. I am certain I will find myself tearing up and probably more than once. I can understand your hungover feelings–and I didn’t even see the movie!

  8. Congrats on your win! I was sure that that proud lady was his mother as well. She’s gifted Richard with her height and that distinctive nose! It was a real pleasure to see that. I wish we could have heard what they were talking about!

  9. Oh Angie, what a beautiful dream.

    I never think of Mr. A as a ‘son”. My mind is a little bit more gutty than that. But seeing his mom beaming behind him and imagining how proud she must have been and how he must have felt to be able to shine for her…well….I got teary too. It must have been a special mother/son moment. I hope she had the time of her life.

    • 😀 I have protective feelings towards RA but definitely not maternal. No. 😉 But I could easily imagine the pride Richard’s mom must have felt over her son. I hope she had a fabulous time, too. She deserves it for bringing up such a fabulous son. 😀

      • Well, if that caught him off guard, what about the question asked by Awkwardceleb (who he had met before) on Anderson Cooper’s show, but edited out? About the last song he sang in the shower? He said that he doesn’t sing in the shower, then his castmates chivvied him, “If you did…” and he replied Aerosmith’s “Love in an Elevator”. [Have you read the lyrics?!] Oh, Richard, you are a naughty boy!

  10. I like the fact that his mum looks lovely, but she is also looks down-to-earth and friendly. I imagine that she would be a real laugh to talk to, just like her son!

    • Absolutely agree. Like my own mom did, she looks like someone you’d enjoy meeting and having a chat with. Friendly and personable and down-to-earth. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. 😀

  11. What a lovely post, Angie. And congrats on your winning the tickets!

    I missed the London Premiere live stream for a great reason: I was watchng the HFR version at the same time. Over 24 hours has passed and I’m still in a very deeply emotional state. The thing that I find the most surprising at the moment is the fact that I so totally loved the movie as a whole, not just Richard’s performance. Until now I’ve always thought that fantasy movies wouldn’t ever touch me and my soul very deeply. Won’t say anything more at this point as I’m not able.

    I can warmly recommend the HFR version. It is something else.

    • Thanks so much, Cristine. 😀 You did have a fantastic reason for missing the live stream! So far almost everyone I have gotten feedback from on the HFR seems favorably impressed by it. And it’s always a good sign when a big budget special effects-laden blockbuster can also move you deeply. A very good sign. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Fedoralady, Congratulations on your tickets. I will tell of my experience of the premiere hopefully tomorrow, as I still feel very tired and need to get my thoughts together. Suffice to say I had a wonderful time and I like some others who have commented also got a bit teary eyed when he met the Duke of Cambridge. Btw I met Judit and Linda lovely ladies.

    • Thank you so much, June. I know you have to be tired but I appreciate your checking in with us. Glad you had a great time and got to meet up with Judit and Linda, two ladies we love around here. 😀 Look forward to hearing more!

  13. I was so focused on Richard when he was talking to Prince William that I didn’t actually realize there was somebody standing behind him! 🙂 Then I saw a tweet saying he took his mum to the premiere.. I just wonder, Peter Jackson introduced his daughter to the Prince (they shook hands!) but I don’t think Richard introduced his mum to him..Or have I missed something?

    • I don’t think he did, at least not at that time. Knowing RA, he didn’t want to be intrusive and take up too much of the prince’s time. Or maybe he was just too nervous to even think about it, bless him.

  14. Thank you so much for your writings on your blog. You put into words how I was feeling the day of the UK premiere..and just about every day since we have been getting premiere’s. Minus the dream, although, last night I did dream I was suppose to be going to Middle Earth..Never did get there, maybe tonight.

  15. This is a wonderful blog and I just discovered it in the last few days. As I am a newer RA fan. I would just like to say thanks for all that you do for him and his fans. I love reading through your blog and discovering new things that I did not know about this wonderful actor. I can’t wait to see The Hobbit this weekend and I have managed to watch most of Richard’s past work on Youtube as well as having bought many of his DVD’s that are out there for purchasing. I can’t wait to see what he has done with Thorin in The Hobbit.

    • Thank you, Fernanda! It is always good to welcome a new fan to the community. 😀 He’s a very special actor–so much talent,versatility, intelligence and beauty, and such a genuinely sweet and dear man, too. It’s funny how once we discover him as an actor we find we must seek out everything he has done.

      From all reports, his performance as Thorin is simply outstanding. But I truly expected nothing less. He is a marvel. 😀 Thanks again for reading and commenting and we hope to see more of you! And I can’t wait either!

      • I will be watching The Hobbit this Sunday with my older brother. I knew this film was going to be special the moment I first saw The Hobbit preview in our local theater. The Misty Mountain song just took my breath away and with Richard singing it,,,that was just the icing on the cake. Look forward to visiting your blog more often.

        I can totally understand why Richard has the following that he does and that the man appreciates his fans makes it even more of a pleasure to add my name to his growing list of fans.

        I have seen his work in Spooks and Strike Back as well as Robin Hood. I also saw his small role in Captain America and sadly at the time I was oblivious as to who he was in that movie, I have since made amends by watching him in The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special, The Impressionists, and North and South of course.

        • I think we all fell in love with that song the first time we heard Richard perform it. So beautiful and hauntingly so. I hope you have a marvelous time seeing the film with your brother. My husband and I will be going to the matinee ourselves on Sunday. I had thought I might see it alone today but just not quite up to it after night of poor sleep.

          Yes RA has a very devoted fanbase because he truly has earned it. And he is very good to us! 😀 Sounds like you’ve seen a lot of Richard’s work, good for you. 😀 Isn’t his versatility amazing?

  16. Angie, in my haste yesterday I made a typo and forgot several things:

    1. Congratulations on winning the tickets! As someone whose only win has been a pair of knitted oven gloves, yours ranks extremely high for a triple A (Ardent Armitage Aficionado)!

    2. That photo in this post is one of my all-time favourites!! He’s seriously sexy, and his intellect and heart shine through. It encapsulates so much of what I adore about our Leicester/London Lad! Perfect choice of outfit and pose! They inflame our rather vivid imaginations by the subtlest of means!

    I’m glad to see that increased admiration for our man is attracting people to your blog because you’re doing a marvellous job. In teacher-speak: keep up the good work!

    • LOL thanks!! we have won a few things in the past–a VCR, for one thing–but it’s been a while. Seriously sexy, smart and a decent human being, as Martin might say. Yes, he’s got it all. This is going down as one of my all-time favorite photo shoot pics. And thanks for the kind words. The numbers go up and down a bit from day to day, but overall I have had about a 45 percent increase in traffic of late. 😀 And lots of people searching for info about Richard Armitage!!

  17. Dear Fedoralady and Everyone. As I promised my report on The Royal Premiere. I apologise in advance it may be a long comment.

    I arrived in Leicester Square and met up with Judit, we then went into the lobby of The Hampshire Hotel as I was attending the Pre Premiere Reception party. Sadly no members of the cast were there. Judit and I made arrangements to either meet up to walk the carpet or meet outside the cinema afterwards. At the party I had a couple of glasses of champagne to fortify me for the evening ahead.

    Leaving the party I phoned Judit and her and Linda were already in the cinema. I then arrived at the ticket barrier and security were moving people along very quickly. I then stepped out onto the green carpet and there were people shouting for Richard, I turned in the direction of where the shouts were coming from, but unfortunately I was blinded by the spotlight and camera flashes so did not see him. Everyone was quickly ushered in to take their seats. The schedule was very tight because HRH The Duke of Cambridge’s arrival was imminent.

    When I got to my seat I found a premiere snack box and a hobbit designed bag with a bottle of water and 3d glasses inside. Fortunately while I was doing this I was able to see the live streaming of what was going on outside. I saw Richard being interviewed and then we saw the police outriders and the royal car approaching and outsteps The Duke, he was greeted at the entrance by I think either the manager or director of Odeon Cinemas. The Duke then was escorted to the receiving line to meet the cast. Then the moment came when our dear Richard was presented to His Royal Highness. As an Englishwomen my heart swelled with patriotic pride, as he duly bowed and showed the correct form of respect. I then noticed his Mother standing behind him, there with him at his big moment. Thats when I got a bit teary eyed.

    The Royal Trumpeters came on stage and an organ came up from beneath, and we were all asked to stand for the arrival of the Duke into the auditorium. The trumpets sounded and we all stood to attention for the national anthem, I thought of Richard and his Mum and I also stood extra tall, and I’m only 5ft 2″ lol. Then Sir Ian came on stage to welcome HRH and everyone to the performance and he spoke of how we would enjoy it. He also asked us to send our best wishes to the Duchess, everyone applauded his sentiment. We then sat back to enjoy what was an amazing film. Even thought I didn’t meet Richard, it was a wonderful and moving experience to be sitting in the same place at the same time, celebrating his success. Afterwards met up with Judit and Linda and we were standing around by the barriers to see if we could see anyone leave in the waiting cars, but we did’nt see anyone. We all walked away and Judit and I shared a cab to get to her hotel and then on to my home.

    I would comment about the film itself, but feel I have rambled on enough and I don’t want to bore anyone.

    • Thanks so much for sharing, Jane! I am glad you had a wonderful experience. I think most of us are avoiding saying much about the film until more of us have the chance to watch it, anyway, so that’s fine. I will be seeing it Sunday afternoon and I am sure I will want to talk about it, but I will try to avoid spoilers. 😀 Hope your mom continues to do well, too.

  18. Thank You Fedoralady, My mum is doing very well now and we are able to go on our planned trip to spend Christmas with family in Ireland. She lives with me and bless her when I got back that night, she wanted to hear all about the premiere and as I was freezing, she insisted I had a hot toddy with her.

    You will have an amazing experience on Sunday are you seeing it in 3D or 48fps?

    • That’s good news, June. My dad’s family originally came from Ireland–ever heard of Killough?–many, many years ago. Always wanted to visit there. That sounds like my mum would have been–wanting to hear all the exciting news! We are seeing the film in 3D. There are no HFR showings in our immediate area, unfortunately. Still hoping to use those IMAX tickets at some point!

      • I haven’t heard of Killough. My Mum is from County Cork a small village called Killeagh. Do you know what county Killough is in. Btw my mum saw the you tube clip of Richard and HRH and his mum, and she thought it was wonderful, she likes Richard but that made her like him more. She said to me what a lovely decent man for all of us to be supporters of. My mum also dislikes the word fan.

        I enjoyed the film in 3d, I flinched a couple of times but it was all good.

        • It’s actually in County Down. I always thought my mom would have found RA such a gentleman. Being a southern lady, she always appreciated good manners and respectfulness. A lovely decent man is just what he is!

  19. Thank You for letting me know, a bit further up the country from where my mum was born. I’ve travelled many times to your country, mostly NYC and LA but also a few times to Atlanta. As much as I enjoyed LA, I prefer NYC. I noticed though in Atlanta the southern hospitality and everyone I met was so well mannered and gracious. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by people like that.

    • Yes, I guess it’s actually in Northern Ireland. Lovely to hear you have had a chance to experience southern hospitality. 😀 I live a few hours to the southwest of Atlanta. Used to love daytrips up there to visit their Six Flags theme park. Wish Mr. Armitage would come south for a visit. I think he would enjoy the friendly foods, good manners and tasty food. Just needs to avoid the middle of the summer. Tooo hot! 😉

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