Oh, Mighty Thorin . . . I’ll see you soon.


Maybe tomorrow. Definitely Sunday. But soon. And from all the lovely comments I am seeing on Twitter and here at the blog, I think it’s going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.









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  1. Can’t hardly wait to see him on the screen! My daughter gets to see TH in 3D 48 fps tomorrow nightl and she has no idea what’s about to hit her.

  2. Yes!!! Tomorrow (oops, today, Dec. 14) at 11:00 am EST I’ll be watching Thorin in IMAX 3D! How will I be able to stand it? I got my ticket today. Since it’s an early show, maybe I’ll just turn around and see it again. I will have to see it at least twice! At least. I’ll be thinking of you, Angie, and of all the others in our not so little community. I’m anticipating a mindblowing experience. Better get some sleep.

    • Yes, I really need to get some sleep myself, if I can dislodge a certain tuxedo cat from my legs. She looks so very comfy. *sigh* It is truly a festive time here in our rapidly growing community. 😀

      • The “Armakitty”, as Serv has called him, is through being fierce pirate cat for the morning, and is now curled in my arm, belly up, between purring and sleeping. Good luck getting Thumpie to let you sleep.

        • It was a semi-successful night (or should I say morning, as it was well into the early AM before I fell asleep). Now she’s curled up on other side of bed and Callie is propped up on me happily purring. Have I mentioned the weather turned colder? 😉

  3. Hoping to see it as Peter J wants us to see it on Saturday with some of my family. Trying not to get too excited but it isn’t easy! My Thorin T-shirt arrived the other day so I’m all set!! 😉 I hope no weird noises emanate from me or they might disown me!!! I’m thinking it will be hard to keep completely still – or quiet – when I first see him on screen! I’m sure I won’t be the only excited one in the theatre. 😀

    • I don’t have a T-shirt. I have everything else pretty much, but no T-shirt. I’ve been tearing the room up trying to find my toiletry case. I need my tweezers, and all my mascara and most of my lippies are in there. I am a woman who needs her mascara and lippie. Otherwise, I’m just too–blonde. Pasty-faced. :-/

      Maybe it ended up under the bed when I was sorting through my purse. I don’t know but I am tired and need to try to get some sleep if I can. Oh, it’s always something. *sigh* Anyway, I hope everyone has fun whenever they see it!

    • Checklist for viewing TH:
      Tissues for drool and tears;
      Miitten or handkerchief to stuff in mouth and muffle noises;
      Chocolate to mitigate oral urges and quell noise (KitKat anyone?);

      And remember to empty the tank before you take your seat. It’s almost 2.5 hrs and you don’t want to miss a minute.

      • I’ve already got those things ready! I’m going to dinner first and I woke up thinking…hmm you know you can’t drink too much at dinner!!! And I must go to the bathroom during the endless commercials!

        • 2 a.m. to be exact. I have been watching a 1934 French version of Les Miserables–I have to record the rest of it, as it still have more than 1 1/2 hours to go. They think Peter Jackson movies are long–this thing is 4 1/2 hours in total! Really very good, though. Marvelous actor playing Jean Valjean. Anyway, I am now seeing spots in front of my eyes so I’d better call it quits. 😉

          • French version of Les Miserables- hmmm..thanks,I need to look for it.
            I have several matters to attend to, today…so…”See” you again soon,Angie!:)…try to sleep my dear

            • I just finished watching the last part of Les Miserables 1934. VERY,very good. I will likely do a post on it later. I finally managed to get to sleep but didn’t get up until close to 10:30 and had a backache–probably from twisting myself to accomodate a certain roly-poly kitty. 😉

  4. I know you love and enjoy the movie and I assure you it will be the beginning of a beatiful and EVERLASTING friendship.I’ve already decided to go and see a second time tomorrow, also in HFR! This time I will be sitting a bit nearer to the screen.

    IMO Judit’s “breathtaking” is a bit of an understatement.

    Seriously, the first two items on Leigh’s checklist are an absolute must, for me at least they were and will be again tomorrow! I didn’t necessarily need to eat anything much as my eyes, ears and even my soul were nurished by a certain dwarf.

    • I am certain I will completely love the film. I just hope Benny will enjoy it reasonably well. Not a fan of long films and not a fan of Tolkien–I mean, he’s never read any of the books or seen the LOTR films. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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