Random Thoughts on RA Today With Pix, Video


Just some pix and interview moments I’ve particularly enjoyed in recent days. Richard, you never fail to impress and delight me on so many levels.

This is Ilaria's favorite outfit she styled for RA re interview outfits. I like it a lot, too!

This is Ilaria’s favorite outfit she styled for RA re interview outfits. I like it alot, too!

A9-hg-4CIAAYpRc.jpg largeRichard and Cate look so good together, don’t they? Those two really need to make a movie together. I mean, one in which they actually share some scenes. Hmmmm, he does look good with a blonde. Unless she’s Sarah Caulfield. (Sorry, GOR . . .)

A98UD4ZCUAEiSAG.jpgdd large

It’s like he walked out of the past and into the present, channeling all that old-time movie star allure. Yummmmm.

This is a really light-hearted, downright cheeky interview with Hobbit cast members, including Richard. Love how she catches him off-guard and the laughter that ensues. 😉 Who’s your hottie dwarf with the biggest sword, baby??

Nothing like a somewhat serious interview (and thank you, George, for giving RA the chance to show off his intelligence and insight) being rounded out with Richard covering his eyes to avoid seeing himself half-naked in a fanvid and then wrestling the host to the floor. LOVE it.

That's a winning stride.

That’s a winning stride.

A97wnmRCEAE6jeZ.jpg largedd

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  1. This is a great pictorial account of a very successful week for RA. Yum!

    As a matter of interest/ nosiness where did the stylist say the Apple outfit is her favourite? I find it hard to choose myself- perhaps I should go and have another look at all the photographic evidence…

  2. Had to share.
    Just home from seeing TH.
    Will restrict myself to one comment and,clearly, it relates to Thorin.
    At the risk of causing outrage, I would say that Thorin is even more breathtaking (and I mean that literally, not just as hyperbole) than the actor who plays him.

  3. Thanks for the comment wydville. My two best buddies (not RA fans), pre-ordered tickets for tomorrow at 7:30!! I can’t wait! I’m sure he will be completely breathtaking. I’m taking mittens to stuff in my mouth as well as a bag of tissues for my weepy moments!

    I love the video of him on the George S…. show! He’s so cute when he’s completely embarrassed!

    • I know, he’s just adorable when he’s caught off-guard like that. Covering his eyes and then “pommeling” the host. And politely apologizing when he knocks his lapel mic loose. 😉 Oh, Rich.

    • I emailed Leigh when we got back, saying (amongst other things) that there are not enough superlatives to come close to describing what RA has created. I’ve always said that Guy, of all his characterisations, is the one that stands apart from his creator, but Guy is child’s play in comparison with Thorin. If you were a newcomer to RA you would find it hard to reconcile that tall, angular, diffident, self-deprecating Brit with the sheer majesty that is Thorin Oakenshield.

      • I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I read that he’d gotten the part on Richardarmitagenet.com many, many Saturday’s ago! First I was thrilled that the Hobbit was being made, but then I was completely knocked for a loop about Richard finally being given the chance to shine for the whole world to see! I can remember thinking at the time that he’ll be a perfect fit for Thorin. We know he can be regal, but he can also show all of Thorin’s emotions without saying a word. And, yes, people who don’t know anything about Richard might find it hard to believe it’s really Richard! I find it so incredible that he can completely change who he is down to his walk. I was fascinated to hear Peter Jackson talk about that. It’s amazing that this shy, sweet guy can completely change 180 degrees into an angry, complex, deposed King. Oh boy, I might not be able to sleep very well tonight! And then teach those children tomorrow…arggghh!

      • I feel as if in some ways Guy was a dress rehearsal for Thorin. Three years of horseback riding and swordfighting and channeling a lot of anger and conflict within helped him in preparing to play Thorin. I think this is likely his greatest triumph thus far–yes, eclipsing all other roles in terms of the greatness of his performance. Of course, I haven’t seen it yet—but that’s my gut feeling.

        • Your gut feeling is spot on. This is a grown-up, oak-matured, IMAX-screen-sized, in-yer-face performance which reduces everything everything else he has done to rehearsal proportions. I’m not denigrating his previous work one bit (oh Guy…); I’m just trying to highlight the gobsmacking, award-worthy magnitude that is Thorin.

  4. Just playing catch-up! How adorable those interviews were! I loved the George S. one, because it was more in-depth than a “normal” chat show. And the This Morning one.. well. Delightfully naughty and sweet!

    • Loved his reaction on the George S. show! 🙂 I think he took George by surprise with that quick move. LOL

      This Morning show … needed to clean the screen after *splorting* tea all over it! ROFL

      • I am glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I watched the Morning vid. Too funny!!

        Yes, George might have surprised with the vid, but Richard surprised HIM with that sudden attack LOL And then so sweetly apologized for pulling off the mic. He’s just a gem.

    • Yeah those were just so cute I had to share them. 😉 Richard got more time and more opportunity to actually talk with George (rather than trying to get a word in edge-wise) which was really nice. And the end was hilarious. The Brummie had a great time with the cast, didn’t she? 😉

      • Yes, she did! Both interviewers was great IMO …it was hilarious 🙂 I mean , Romana’s55 fanvid is beautiful but…I can’t help myself ;)…*still giggling with slight embarRAssment*

        • Bless his heart–dear RA. But he was so sweet, too, “The fans who make these vids also buy the tickets, so it’s fine with me.” I just imagine if they flashed my Peacock video on screen for him–oh dear! Well, I say to not take me seriously because I certainly don’t. 😉 All in good fun. 😀

          • I can just imagine how deeply he’d blush at that one. I’m glad it’s fine with him. He was so very sweet, and I think he realizes that we don’t just buy tickets, we go out of our way and make significant efforts to see him and we buy other stuff, too. (If I ever win the lotto, he’ll see a whopping donation coming in via RANet’s Amazon link.) I think he knows that even when the fits of desire are upon us, we would not pounce on him in the street.

            • Oh, I am sure he is fully aware of all the ways we do support him. He’s thoughtful that way. And we’ve largely managed to restrain ourselves thus far as far as literally flinging ourselves on him to have our wicked way with him. 😉 Except in our dreams and fantasies, of course.

              • Did you see the responses to the “Guy tied” challenge on DF? Talk about having our wicked way with GoG — did we ever! Yet Richard has said he likes to chase, so in my fantasies, he gets to chase…

              • Who doesn’t want to have their wicked way with Sir Guy?? I mean, really . . . come to think of it, he was in chasing mode in that dream I had. *wibble*

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