Guyday Friday: The Delights of Hood Academy



These wonderful GIFs are courtesy of Recycled Vinyl & Dessine-Moi-un-Mouton at tumblr








I never tire of watching Richard in Hood Academy.  He’s so much fun to watch–all that focus and intensity. Not to mention the tousled locks, heavy stubble and forearm hair. Oh, Richard . . .







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  1. Thank you for these lovely gifs, Angie. Could you translate “Dessine-Moi-un-Mouton” for me, please? My schoolgirl French is very rusty!

        • It’s a line from “The Little Prince”, “Le Petit Prince”; the book is a classic, often read to children but more a tale for grownups.

          • The little prince is testing the aviator/author to see if he has any imagination, to see if he can be trusted, or if he is just like all those other literal-minded adults who get everything truly important mixed up. He’s testing to see if the aviator has The Good Taste Gene. After several bad tries, the aviator succeeds. He draws what looks like a hat or a box and says, “The sheep that you want is inside.”

            If you haven’t read The Little Prince, it’s a must. I studied it eons ago in college, but hardly a day goes by that life situations don’t happen that remind me of it’s many lessons.
            “On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.”. That’s why I love RIchard Armitage. He’s not just a pretty face and body, although he is that, too. The man we all want is inside.

          • I read it long ago and then recently re-read on my Kindle. I was so tired and out of it last night I forgot to even mention that connection. I still think it all sounds lovelier in French. *sigh*

    • He can’t. Thorin isn’t. They messed up his nose, made it rounder. By comparison, today’s pic of the day on RAnet, featuring Guy, is exquisite. Guy has my vote for beauty and subtlty of expression. Thorin does yell loudly.

      • Have you seen the movie yet, Lynne? Because from what I understand, Richard does an amazing job with that stillness and being able to convey a great deal of emotion without saying a word. Our darling Guy certainly takes the cake when it comes to breathtaking beauty IMHO, but it sounds to me–and my sources are pretty reliable ones–that Thorin has his own subtlety. I will be seeing the film tomorrow and will share more of my own thoughts once I am better informed. 😉

      • I haven’t seen the film yet but I must say the prosthetics do take some of his beauty away in stills so I agree to a certain extent Lynne. But I was comparing the real RA then and now – I have been overwhelmed by how handsome he has looked during the publicity tour. I guess some characters are going to be more attractive than others- personally I wasn’t that keen on S3 Guy because, even though he was on the road to redemption, I felt he needed a good wash and hair cut! But others seem to quite like him!

        • I agree that in some stills his physical beauty is blunted. However, in others I am still stunned at how great he looks even with the prosthetics. And I am fully prepared to be swept away by Thorin speaking and moving and being still in front of me on the big screen. 😀

          He’s been absolutely gorgeous on this publicity tour, Bollyknickers. Even if you quibble over liking some outfits more than others–personally, I give ilaria an A for the job she did–the man exuded handsome movie star all along the way. As for S3 Guy, I am one of those who found him sexier and more beautiful than ever–yes, even when he was dirty and boozy and half-crazed. I simply wanted to drag him off to some woman cave, have my way with him in a dirty, sweaty tussle–and afterwards a nice, warm bath for two, with me giving him a good shampoo and scrub down (and myself, too). LOL

          And when he returned from Prince John’s–holey moley, he really DID take my breath away. *gasp* *thud*

          But you are right, we are not all going to agree on which character’s looks, disposition, personality, etc. we prefer over all others. After all, I could hardly believe it when some people voted at Ali’s poll and said Monet was their least favorite character!! Sweet Monet with those infectious laughs and incandescent blue eyes? Say it isn’t so!

  2. Lovely Angie the vid is brilliant. He does talk well with his hands doesn’t he I could sit all day & watch him do that. He does look so young in these but gorgeous and he has definately got more handsome with age.

  3. Have you seen this exchange on twitter? 🙂

    “Dominic Minghella: Daughter just back from The Hobbit. She was so proud of our mate, the brilliant Richard Armitage, that she cried!
    Maria * : can’t wait to see it tomorrow always knew he’d go far – thank you for writing a fab character to help him shine.
    Dominic Minghella: My pleasure – indeed honour. Amazing talent, assiduously deployed.”

    Yep. Eternal gratitude to Dominic for writing Guy.

  4. I really love this video, Creating Sir Guy the Man in Black, that you posted today, because it shows Richard Armitage as himself. Guy couldn’t be so gorgeous without Richard first being so. Here we can see in action the character traits that many fans have commented on in succeeding years. I love the sequence of the actor seated in the studio, talking with his hands. The shot with his hands together as if in prayer, eyes raised to his listener, is priceless. I could stare at it, meditate on it, savour it, all day.

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