Yes, Guy, you played your part


“Sooo.” Guy, brow furrowed, tilts his head. “The creator believes I have played my part in this latest triumph of his?”

“Yes, Sir Guy. He’s said that everything that has come before in his career helped him prepare for this role. Look at your skills on horseback. And with weaponry. Not to mention all that anger–understandable anger, most of the time–all that inner conflict, that intensity. Expressing so much just through your eyes alone at times. Even the extra deepness of your voice.”

Guy’s lips curve into a lop-sided smile. “So–will you be looking for glimpses of me when you do see this–Thorin on the theatre screen?”

She returns his smile and nods. “Of  course. I don’t think I ever stop looking for glimpses of you, Sir Guy. Right down to the CReAtor wearing buttery soft black leather. That always reminds me of you, my dearest dark knight.”

Sir Guy leans down and presses a kiss to Ladywriter’s cheek before murmuring in her ear: “It’s good to be your favorite.”

Ladywriter, drinking in Sir Guy’s scent–leather, something spicy and a definite hint of chocolate– gives a soft little sigh. Speaking of chocolate . . . “There are fudgy walnut brownies with white chocolate icing in the kitchen, Sir Guy.”

“I’ll bring back enough for two, shall I?” he rumbles.

“Please do, darling.”








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  1. Ladywriter I’m so glad you could reassure Sir Guy about the thing “Thorin”. Please tell our Dark Knight that we LOVE him for ever and unconditionally !!! Happy GuyDay Friday !

  2. Happy Guyday Friday! I’m glad LW could reassure our favourite dark knight. He is quite indispensable to me, and the SND so-&-so knows it. He’s worth every last brownie.

  3. Of course our beloved Sir Guy will never be forgotten. How could he ever think such a thing! I do believe that we will see glimpses of him as we watch Thorin. So many of the things Richard did in RH must have served him in good stead for this new character such as the sword play, shooting arrows, horse riding and such.

    • Exactly. I think it was Jimmy Nesbitt that said Richard was the best rider in the group, which is easy to believe. We saw how far he came as a rider on RH. As for Guy–oh, all those wonderful smirks, smoulders, sneers and those rare and beautiful smiles, all that black leather clad testosterone, the heat, the sweetness, the chivalry, the vulnerability, simply can’t be forgotten.

  4. I’m also glad you could assure our favourite dark knight Ladywriter. We could never foget him could we? Please tell him he will always be my favourite.

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