Mooming & Grooming for the Big Day at the Movies


It’s Hobbit weekend. Roughly 16 hours from now I will, at long last, be seeing the movie in 3D, regular FR, at a multiplex an hour or so to our north.

Having run across a number of Tweets from folks who have the seen the movie, I have decided to go off coms there before I get well and truly spoiled. I have stopped reading reviews by other bloggers, too. Even though I am not a spoiler-free kind of fan in general, I find I do want to have a few surprises left to me., you know? Especially after waiting for so long to see it.

I gave my husband a haircut earlier to mark the occasion. Mr. Armitage has a better barber (one who has actually been to beauty school), but I bet RA’s stylist charges much more than I do (a pan of brownies or a kiss will more than suffice).


I’ve been trying to groom myself for the big day, too.  This does strike me as slightly incongruous since we will be seeing a group of excessively hairy dwarves, a wizard with a long fuzzy beard and a mop-topped Hobbit with hirsute feet. Oh, well, it IS a special occasion for humans.

Last night I decided to try out my Moom organic hair removal kit. Since I reached a “certain age ” I’ve been plagued with hair sprouting out in places I really would prefer it didn’t. Sometimes it’s white; sometimes it’s almost black.  And very coarse. OK, so I have always had a lot of hair.

Yours truly at the tender age of five, I believe. Not the longest my hair has ever been, either.

Yours truly at the tender age of five, I believe. Not the longest my hair has ever been, either.

But, dammit, Jim–I am not a dwarf woman. I do not want a beard on my chinny-chin-chin!

Waxing always leaves my skin very red and irritated for a couple of days, although I have regularly had it done on my brows and “upper lip” (yeah, it’s really my little blonde mustache). Plucking can be painful, too. These are some stubborn hairs, I tell you!

I really should have read the fine print on the Moom directions more closely. It appears you don’t have to heat up the jar of honey-like stuff when applying to face, only to the legs.


Oh.   Was that why it was such a gosh-darned sticky mess?  Hey, organic and natural doesn’t necessarily mean “neat.” I finally got all the Moom off my chin, throat, the muslin strips, the application sticks, the jar itself, my top . . . ahhhhh, you live and learn. I ended up plucking my brows. They got good and red, but at least I wasn’t sticky afterwards. Obviously, I need to perfect my technique . . .

However, I have no doubt that Mr A has perfected playing Thorin and will meet and exceed all my expectations of him in that role.



12-Thorin-TheHobbitMovie-RABirthdayTwitterpic (1)_originalss

Now, I am off to wash and condition my white  blonde locks. May put off shaving the old legs until tomorrow morning. Definitely won’t be Mooming them . . .

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  1. What a cutie-pie you were at five and still are times ten! I love the grooming you’re undertaking in order to be in pristine condition to meet Thorin in the dark 🙂 !! I’m sure our grubby hot dwarf will appreciate the effort made on his behalf! 😉

    • Ah, thank you, my dear. 😉 It’s really quite funny the trouble one goes to in order to “meet” a fictional character onscreen in a darkened theatre, but I like to know I’ve made my best effort. LOL The hair is clean, soft and shiny and awaiting some styling later in the AM. And now I really should try to get some sleep. Oh, excitement!

      • Tell me about it! There is something to having respect for the occasion, I think, even though logically no one but you and maybe your SO will care. Yes, try to get some sleep,or the Misty Mountain song could act like a lullaby.

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