Mr. Storyteller, will you sing to me, too?


I would love to see and hear this man sing a lullaby to a child . . . with that sweetness and gentleness shining through in those beautiful blue eyes and a soft smile on his lips. *sigh* Ok, I need to pick myself up off the floor.


We heard him singing  a sort of lullaby on one of the RH audiobooks, but he was singing as a female character. On Finnish TV, Richard actually sang part of the Misty Mountains song a cappella (and I assume he did so without someone twisting his toned arm) in his own rich, rumbling baritone.  Here’s the link to the clip. Richard’s vocal performance is at the end. A perfect finale!

Of course, I wouldn’t object at all if he came each night to tell me a story AND to croon some sweet tune to me. My husband might object, but really, I wouldn’t mind at ALL.


Oh, I love a gorgeous, good-hearted man of many talents. *thud*

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  1. Richard’s voice a capella — how luscious! Of course, Mr. Storyteller, I want to sit on your lap and I want you to tell me a story and sing to me and …

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Angie! It feels wonderful to know that it was a Finnish journalist who finally managed to persuade Richard to sing a cappella 😉 He sounds SOOO wonderful! Luckily the acappella clip is on Youtube, too.

    I haven’t followed the promotion or the reception of The Hobbit on Finnish tv at all. I watch tv very rarely as I don’t have one.

  3. About the Misty Mountains song he says in an interview that “he listened to Russian choir singers to try and find that place of resonance in the belly”
    He seems to like Russian culture !!! Thank you Richard !

  4. I think we need to see Richard in a musical after hearing him sing on The Hobbit. He could put his dance moves to great use hear also. And Richard could sing me a lullaby anytime. Love all your artwork. You always manage to put a smile on my face even when I am feeling tired. Thanks.

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